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Naked women tied up and tortured

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In the long shots we can see that there really is a woman being hung over the fire, although it's likely a stunt woman in the place of Coates, who is only seen in the tighter shots. She is wearing a red sleeveless dress. Pov lesbian pussy. Naked women tied up and tortured. I don't care if Quentin Tarantino calls this the best movie of the 90's.

She is sent to a POW camp in the jungle near Hanoi. Definitely worth checking out. She is only wearing loincloth rags around her waist. The rack is about thirty degrees horizontal to the floor. The guy slowly stretches her, and she sort of enjoys it in a curious way. The victim is at least topless, and she gives a decent performance being briefly stretched, but the emphasis is on the 2 bad actors hamming it up playing Nazi interrogators and she's barely seen.

Socks-wearing brunette drilled rough. Black and white torture scene. Hot lesbian sx. The young girl is topless and wearing a white shift about the waist. In the second scene, she is naked, but an object obscures the crotch area.

For one, I have this pet theory that the pre-Hayes Code silent era was a gold mine of torture scenes in movies. Under pressure to get his job done, the Inquisitor nods for the racking to begin, and she is then swiftly stretched until she dies in a disappointingly brief 8-second rack sequence. There are several full body shots showing the actress hanging at least a foot off the ground, so you know they were not faking the suspension.

If the location is familiar, it's because it's the exact same set they used to suspend a couple of actresses in Escape From Hellwhich was shot at the same time as this film with much of the same cast.

Still, you can't much a much hotter victim than Yvonne Strahovski, and she looks good, especially when gagged with tape during the first half. Join now to see heartless sex assaults on drugged girls that are being wickedly fucked and violated. Weird-ass torture scene with a hottie. Pretty Fetishes All these sexy things - stockings, high heels, latex, fucking machines, boots, gloves, catsuits Lots of screaming, but not a particularly "fun" scene, mainly because of the matronly appearance of the victim.

After being whipped, cute blond Marie-Pierre Castel is shown hanging by her wrists with her female companion at her feet supporting her legs so she doesn't dangle. Her ankles are placed in a stock-like bottom half, and her wrists are tied with ropes to the wheel. Upon the rack, she is stretched until she dies.

She is naked, but she has vines wrapping around her body to strategically censor elicit body parts. Incredible mechanic torture for a slut. Madison milstar milf. One of the sets is a Spanish Inquisition scene with a big wheel rack.

She has a great butt, and you see a lot of it her butt stays inside her pants, but they are almost painted on as she writhes while being tortured with some sort of futuristic electro-prod.

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I have to admit I had watched this scene many times and only noticed Ajita, but you can see the other girl from the back in some long shots.

Leggy brunette penetrated from behind. Naked girl police. Guess that'll teach her not to hook up with a mobster next time, huh? A woman is tied to a rack, where she's tortured with a red hot poker in an amazingly realistic-looking burning sequence. She is naked, but camera views edit a lot. In the last rack scene, Angela Field as Cecily, is stretched on the rack and flogged.

Another good thing about this movie is that it is often shown on TV. A movie star inherits a castle infested with vampires. She looks as if she is holding the loops on the rope but then I guess we would too if we were being lowered into a snake pit. Naked women tied up and tortured. Oh, women would get tied up plenty on the show over the years, but it wasn't until the 9th season that they gave us what we really wanted to see.

She appears to be suffering quite a bit. In theory, medieval Inquisition movies should offend me just as much, but for some sick and twisted reason they don't. Lesbians giving oral sex. In the first scene, Clarkson is shackled wearing a leather bikini, which is promptly stripped from her by King Ankaris. In a nutshell, here's the premise: Her legs are apart, but her wrists are tied together. The vidcaps I have here are a blink-and-you-missed-it scene of a young female soul being tormented and, you guessed it, suspended by her wrists.

I'm not going to analyze it - everybody has their scruples. While Zynga is on the rack, the Marquis also whips her feet with a cane to add more torture.

Also, the movie went direct-to-video, so in my humble opinion, the producers shouldn't have had to worry about the censors. There's lots of shots of blood running down her arms and into vat filled with more blood down below her. Scene ends when Dougherty gets free and mops the floor with the assembled baddies. Brunette getting violated on the floor.

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No stretching or torture. In the movie, it was upside-down I guess fancy cameras do that Redheaded bitch fucked by two guys. Download xxx sexy porn videos. Despite the realism of the sets and costumes, only one of her arms is tied to the winch, which greatly diminishes the quality of what could have been a good rack scene. The potential was there for this to have been a torture epic rivalling Mark of the Devil and Inquisition.

Anyways, she's wearing her space outfit and there's smoke coming up through a grate. There are full body shots and it is apparently that the actress had to be suspended to film this scene.

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