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Harley The Pugs Nightmare

harley, my pug has a nightmare its pretty funny shit


Video: Harley

Adorable kitten youtube pics I found: Video: Harley Image by Mean and Pinchy ‘Scuse phone-quality video, and Flickr cut it short (whole thing is on YT, here, if you’re interested), but you get the idea. The low-pitched rumbling sound in the clip is, in fact, this tiny kitten’s very big purr. I’d been calling him [...]


Harley Gif

Fluffy kitten gif photos: Harley Gif Image by KayVee.INC Click on "All Sizes" to see it animated ^_^ JLT fears the subject line Image by Stewf Posting this so we have a space to openly mock JLT for his refusal to use the subject line. I have received 1062 emails from him over the last [...]


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