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NINJA KITTEN gatito de ninja

Now Muffin eats Doritos! follow us @housekittens Buddy is no ordinary kitten! I love it! You can see Muffin relaxing below him on the floor. Both Buddy and Muffin were adopted from the St. Louis Humane Society. ADOPT A PET!! LOL ReaperCry wrote: Ninja Kitty:Hey Muffin wanna see me climb the stairs the [...]


Gatito durmiente

Fluffy kitten dreaming photos: Gatito durmiente Image by losmininos chewy entrails Image by rasiqra.revulva lovely kitten dreams. Sweet Dreams Image by Martin_Heigan A little Lion cub dreaming of "Kittens with Buttons and Bows" (or maybe chasing Zebras and Springbok). South Africa, October 2009. Best viewed LARGE Martin – Administrator of: Stapeliad & Asclepiad Group All [...]


Increíble salvación de un gatito tras una hora de lavado

RT en Twitter: RT en Facebook: Una gatita de tan solo ocho semanas sobrevivió y consiguió recuperarse plenamente tras experimentar un ciclo de lavado de una hora de duración. Leer más : RT en vivo: Video Rating: 4 / 5


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