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Mx Vs ATV: Reflex Commentary

nairb does a commentary on our channel while playing MX Vs ATV Reflex check him out at CndianShreder on youtube. leave a comment down below on what you guys would like to see in future videos remember comment rate and subscribe and check out our channel for more gaming entertainment!!! send message to either [...]


★ WoW – Season 10 Arena – 3v3 as Kitty Cleave #1 – WoW Warrior Arena Commentary, ft. Bajheera – TG

A few games of 3v3 Arena as Kitty Cleave, brought to you by Bajheera!:D Bajheera’s Personal Channel: Bajheera’s Show on TGN: If you like this video, click “Like” and Subscribe to our channel to get more! Tell us what you think in the comments below. =-=-=-= ▶ TGN — Get more views! See [...]


3v3 Arena Commentary – Kitty Cleave vs Kitty Cleave, ft. Bajheera! – TGN

See the full show! ★ ★ TGN The 4th episode of the Bajheera show! I’ve got way too much Arena footage left over so I thought I’d share some with you guys!:D If you are curious or would like to see more from me, feel free to check out my personal channel: Video [...]


Pk Commentary 1

SUBSCRIBE RATE COMMENT sorry for the low quality but my computer is too laggy and crappy but im saving up for a new one tell me if you would like to see me commentate my xbox happenings and also leave a comment if u have a pk idea and add me on rs if u [...]


1-99 Fletching Guide | With Rsboog | Runescape commentary | Video 10

READ: FOR SOME REASON ANNOTATIONS ARE NOT WORKING SORRY 1-99 Fletching guide with rsboog Rsboog channel: Contact me! Skype: Essenced1 Runescape: Essenced Hotmail: Twitter:


Runescape-Gertrude’s Cat Quest Guide(With Commentary)

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