2012 funniest videos-Talented guy plays the guitar.mp4

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Adopting my virtual Webkinz Love Kitten~2010 adoption

This is my first adoption video. If u like the name, i’d love to share it with anyone. if u use this name, pls comment. just curious if u guys like it. It means like kitten in love (love kitten) if u look it up in the dictionary. She is real cute online. 5/2012 Update: I’d really like to trade some1 for a virtual love dalmatian. i dont have enough estore $ but I could get u something still, and trade a few PRICELESS items or itmes u want but cant find. Please?
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3 orphaned ginger kittens being bottle fed

3 orphaned 2-week old ginger kittens being bottle fed by Sharon at Skiathos Cat Welfare Society (SCWS).
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Latest Kitten Growth News

Hello world
kitten growth

Image by Pacificat Ragdolls
The kittens are 10 days old today and their eyes are slowly opening.

We mark our kittens with a small color to tell them apart from each other and make sure we can track their growth. This is a picture of ‘right front (paw)’

Pheromonal Activity — Cat Clips #151

Pheromonal Activity — Cat Clips #151 When the cats smell a strange odor on the second floor, Trey not only discovers the source of the smell, but something else that is possibly brewing as well. Download your FREE Cat Clips Board Game at www.wizardofwit.com Missed any “Cat Clips”…
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Miracle kneading

Miracle the 12 day old kitty is kneading on the latex glove filled with hot water covered by the blanket. ^___^
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Ruby doing her “Happy Paws”. :)
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Q&A: My kitten has an upper respiratory infection?

Question by : My kitten has an upper respiratory infection?
we took her to the vet and they gave her some medicine.
She sounded better yesterday, but today she sounds horrible.
She’s sleeping and she sounds like she is snoring.

Do you have any ideas on how to make my kitten feel better?
She’s about 9 or 10 weeks old.
I know the medicine will help, but any other ideas to make her feel more comfortable, and such?

Best answer:

Answer by Proud owner of 6 cats and 2 dogs
There’s really nothing you can do. I know they sound horrible but it will pass. Just make sure you give her all the medicine to make sure the infection is gone.

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Kitten photos

Fluffy kitten photos:

♥❤♥ Lucy & kittens ♥❤♥

Image by Viola & Cats =^..^=
Do not use my images without my permission, please contact us before using.
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Wally Kitten

Image by K0GMB
This is a photo I forgot I had of my kitten, wally, right after I got him.

Tek aka Gino

Gino fue abandonado en el jardín de una casa, la dueña del lugar, la Sra. Gina, lo llevó ala Sociedad Humanitaria de Cozumel, donde lo nombraron GINO. Se dio aviso a las Voluntarias sobre el pequeño, y respondieron de inmediato, Joni cuidó a Gino mientras creció lo suficiente para desparasitarlo, vacunarlo y esterilizarlo. Esa misma semana fue adoptado y ahora se le conoce como TEK y viveen Boston. Gino es un gatito con suerte :) Gino was abandoned in the front yard of Mrs. Georgina (Gina) that´s why we named him like that. He was innmediately under the care one of our best volunteers: Joni. He got adopted FAST. He’s know known as Tek, and he lives in Boston. www.humanecozumel.org Video by Janice Ramirez
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Cute kitty!!!!!

We adopted a kitten from humane society and she is awfully cute. She is getting along with my two bostons and having a good day. Please subscribe for more cute videos. Like or thumb up our video if yo
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Q&A: What is the average weight for a 6 month old kitten?

Question by Lyndsey: What is the average weight for a 6 month old kitten?
I have a 6 month old kitten and I really dont know if he is at average weight. I dont know how much he is supposed to weigh. Does anyone have an idea?

Best answer:

Answer by Vet Tech Steph
Usually 1 lb. per month of age until full grown is normal for a domestic cat. So, it is common for a 6-month-old kitten to weigh about 6 lbs. Time to start thinking about getting him neutered, too!

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Darwin Kitty Toilet Training.WMV

Here is our Darwin going through the toilet training process. Darwin is almost 4 years old. It would be great not to have the litter box in the house! We are about halfway through training here, where I stacked a training toilet seat on top of Darwin’s litter box, on top a pile of magazines, to eventually get to the same height as the actual toilet.

I trained my cats to use a human toilet in about 8 weeks. It means no mess and fuss cleaning up kitty litter. I used the Litter Kwitter at Toilet Training System.


A neuroscience professor is recruited by the FBI to investigate a death.
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funny cats part 25

caturday once again icanhascheezburger.com
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My son and I made a condo for our cat. The video shows the supplies, tools, and pictures of how we made the condo.
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[Funny] Dog Agility Course Fail

Dog Needed to take a Poop. What can you do? Please Join Us on Facebook: www.facebook.com PLEASE LIKE, SHARE AND SUBSCRIBE. THANK YOU Funny Videos This Week on Youtube: by RayWilliamJohnson VERY IMPORTANT VIDEO!POKEMON IN REAL LIFE 4! by smosh Annoying Orange – Dr. Bananas by realannoyingorange Justin bieber interview fail and super beach fail MUST SEE Videos That Are Somewhat Related Best Local News Bloopers of 2011PIANO DOGWii Fit Fail + Dog Fat = Fail Forever AloneEpic Dog FailDog Fireworks FAILDog failDog Semtex FailEPIC Baking Soda And Vinegar Challenge FAIL! Plus Slow MoCuteWinFail, Ep. 7: Baby LanguageDog FAILSDog fail. [ my dog failed xD ]Man Smells So Bad His Dog Passes Out. Scuzzish – Fail.Slow Learning Dog / failDog Faildog fails part 1Dog FailCRAZY BABBLING BABY!Dog Boots FAILWoman KILLS Helpless KITTEN?!Black Ops-Dog FAILFIGHT: Fat Cat vs Puppy Dog … epic fail at 2:07Charlie Schmidt’s Keyboard Cat! – THE ORIGINAL!It’s a Baby, Not a Dog Fail Friday #4CPR DOG!
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Yahoo’s New Marketing Chief Elisa Steele Doesn’t Use Flickr and How This Signals That Yahoo Management Is Out of Step With Innovation

Adorable kitten facts pics I found:

Yahoo’s New Marketing Chief Elisa Steele Doesn’t Use Flickr and How This Signals That Yahoo Management Is Out of Step With Innovation
kitten facts

Image by Thomas Hawk
The Wall Street Journal today reported on Carol Bartz’s (Yahoo’s new CEO) latest executive appointment, Elisa Steele. Steele joins Yahoo in a newly created Chief Marketing Officer position.

"Yahoo’s marketing strategy and teams have become decentralized over time– hiring Elisa in the CMO role will quickly mobilize our plan to integrate the function globally and more effectively represent the Yahoo brand," Ms. Bartz said, according to the Journal.

When I first read about this appointment, the first thing I did is went and did a search for Elisa Steele on Yahoo’s photo sharing site Flickr. It turns out that there is a single account under this name (completely dead and inactive) going by the handle Kangas. There is also a single photograph of Steele on the site as well.

After Bartz was appointed as CEO of Yahoo I did a similar search on Flickr to see if Bartz was active there after Bartz mentioned on a Yahoo earnings conference call that her daughter used Facebook to share photos. Like today’s appointment Bartz also was not active on Flickr. There is also a lone Bartz account on Flickr, like the Steele account also completely dead and inactive. If you do a search on Yahoo’s bookmarking site delicious for either Bartz or Steele, neither of them show up there either.

Now some people say "so what." Who cares if Yahoo execs don’t use Flickr personally. They are busy people and have plenty of other more important things to do than to play around on a photo sharing site. But I think that having Yahoo executives not use their company’s most innovative products sends a message both to the product teams that manage those products as well as the broader public about how Yahoo executives view innovation.

Both delicious and Flickr are two of Yahoo’s most popular services. More significantly, however, both are considered to be two of Yahoo’s most *innovative* products. When delicious founder Joshua Schachter left Yahoo he made a very significant comment over at a post on TechCrunch explaining his departure:

"I was largely sidelined by the decisions of my management. So that was mostly the result rather than the cause, if that makes sense. It was an incredibly frustrating experience and I wish I was a lot more like Stewart in terms of pushing my point of view."

Even more damning an indictment came in the form of Flickr Co-Founder Stewart Butterfield’s incredibly creative, but crpytic, letter of resignation to the company.

Now I guarantee you that both Carol Bartz and Elisa Steele have photos that they could share with the rest of the world if they chose to use Flickr. C’mon, kids, everybody’s doing it these days! Even if they don’t have personal photos of friends and family that they want to share, they undoubtedly have photographs of flowers or kittens or of the Grand Canyon from a vacation or whatever. Even if they had zero photos to possibly share on their hard drives they could at least mark a few photos of others as favorites of theirs on the site. Feel free to fave some of my photos here Carol and Elisa.

Over the years executives at Microsoft have been big proponents of the idea of dogfooding. Hell, Bill Gates won’t even let his kids own iPods and in one of his most entertaining email rants of all time rails on Microsoft’s own developers after his own frustrating experience trying to use a Microsoft product.

From wikipedia: "To say that a company "eats its own dog food" means that it uses the products that it makes. For example, Microsoft emphasizes the use of its own software products inside the company. "Dogfooding" is a means of conveying the company’s confidence in its own products."

Now I’m not suggesting that people like Bartz and Steele ought to use every single Yahoo product. There are hundreds of different products that they could possibly use. But more importantly than them not using some of Yahoo’s most *popular* products, in the case of sites like Flickr and Delicious, they are not using some of Yahoo’s most *innovative* products. I think that this is likely both demoralizing to some of their most talented employees on some of their most important teams and that more significantly it sends a message to the rest of the world that Yahoo Management *still* does not get the innovation represented by services like Flickr or Delicious. A further confirmation of the very reason why the founders of both delicious and Flickr both left the company.

Even worse than simply Bartz or Steele not using Flickr, a quick Flickr people search of the 12 current executives listed by Bloomberg for the company (Roy Bostock, Carol Bartz, David Filo, Jerry Yang, Blake J Jorgensen, Aristotle N Balogh, Elisa Steele, David Windley, Michael J Callahan, Venkat Panchapakesan, Hilary A Schneider, and Michael A Murray) shows that not a single one of these individuals carries any sort of significant presence on the site whatsoever.

Now maybe Flickr is not the most profitable business unit at Yahoo. And maybe the million or so that they bought it for is mere chump change for executives at a company like Yahoo. But Flickr nonetheless represents one of the most significant properties ever on the internet. Flickr breaks news. Flickr has some of the world’s most amazing art. Flickr represents the largest organized library of images in the world! That is something. And the fact that Yahoo executives, even in some small way, don’t really want to have anything to do with that is sad.

Dog lifeguard

For more visit: www.videobash.com Super dog to the rescue!
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EPIC EAT YOUR FACE OFF (7.14.12 – Day 1171)

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kitty no name

Check out these kitten names:

kitty no name
kitten names

Image by buttersweet
skitter kitty

Yoda and What’s Its Name
kitten names

Image by Seattle.roamer

Getting to know you. My name is Sparky; what’s yours?
kitten names

Image by iluvcocacola

“Transylvania” Odd Future/ Tyler the Creator @ Sonar, Baltimore


Cats = Winning

What should i be feeding an 8 week old kitten?

Question by Doug12: What should i be feeding an 8 week old kitten?
I have been feeding her wet kitten food and i want to know if i should be feeding her something else now, also should she be drinking water?I have a water bowl set up for her but she never seems to drink out of it but she constantly urinates.
Also my kitten came into our home with fleas, ive given it baths with dawn soap and removed a good amount, but there are still more on her, how can i get rid of them and make sure they dont infest my home.

Best answer:

Answer by Proud owner of 6 cats and 2 dogs
High quality canned food is the best thing to feed your kitten. Cats get much of their water from their food, that’s why canned food is best. She’s probably drinking a little bit of water just when you’re not around.

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Midnight spiled a jar of catnip all over my bed

I left the jar on the bed want away for five min. and come back to my bed being covered it catnip
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kitten cannon game


Cockatiel Sings to Mustard jar – Phillip Phillips watch out!!.

home site: musictherapytunes.com – - Here, Peaches jams out to the Adam’s Family theme like you’ve never heard! And she tweets it to a mustard bottle! She loves mustard! More Peach vids on the megtunes channel http and scroll down the videos. Enjoy!


Adorable kitten jump pics I found:

kitten jump

Image by Tom Clifton
Humbolt is our little calico who is still looking for a home. She is going to be a one person cat. She is very friendly once she knows you. After that, she will jump on your lap and purr up a storm.

ROB03033003TZ Ride!!
kitten jump

teh 3rd ROB0303333TZ Ryde r upon us

u can had jumps
u can had souf central
u can had LAX
u can had hermosa beach
u can had bonfyre on docksweiler
u can had foil
u can had kwak
u can had fountains

waht u can haz nao?

Venice & Canfield
30 myles of crazy robotz ducks

No beach cruisers allowed. U can haz ryde all night.

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