Bravo Annouces Cheezburger Show: Ben Huh ‘I Can Has Cheezburger’ Creator Gets New Show

Ben Huh, creator of the ‘I Can Haz Cheezburger’ group of websites was just given a reality show by Bravo Television. The reality series will follow Huh as he operates his company and deals with personal issues. For all the latest industry and entertainment news stories read Watch Our New Show ‘Trailer Trash’! http Check out ‘The New Tube Show’ with Matthew Hoffman! For All Your Morning Gossip Check Out Our New Show ‘Juicy Bits’ Every Day! Check Out Our New American Idol Show ‘Idology’ Every Week: Watch Our New Show ‘Spoiler Alert!’ with Surprise Celebrity Guests Every Week!

Mx Vs ATV: Reflex Commentary

nairb does a commentary on our channel while playing MX Vs ATV Reflex check him out at CndianShreder on youtube. leave a comment down below on what you guys would like to see in future videos remember comment rate and subscribe and check out our channel for more gaming entertainment!!! send message to either ” Easy Break” or ” SoldOutOfMoney” on xbox live to get your videos shown on our channel. Tags: nairb 1st commentary mx vs atv jumps dirtbike mxz reflex call of duty black ops charlie sheen eminem rihanna drake new 2011 mixtape free lil wayne ray william johnson =3 xbox 360 live easy break soldoutofmoney 2nd modern “call duty” cod rose west kanye mw2 cod4 place “kanye west” montage jack jay quad cod5 motocross yamaha gameplay supercross honda “duty modern” world scope four suzuki riding motorcycle sand kawasaki wheeler racing kittens puppies cute funny fail win dolphin dive pwnage
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Worms on Face

Better quality video here:

Nyan Cat + Shit of DAY = Life Style Voilà un moment de ma vie que je n’oublierais jamais… C’est le MUST de l’année 2011 avec la musique qui va avec ;) Merci encore tout le monde =) Lyrics: nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan…

YouTube Ambassadors — Cat Clips #163

YouTube Ambassadors — Cat Clips #163 Boots contacts one of the other members of the Order of the Idealistic Ladder, while Tipi confesses to Honey her real interest in the new Cat Clips Ambassador Program. To find out more about the Cat Clips Ambassador Program, please go to www.wizardofwit…
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Kitten Toys photos

Check out these kitten toys:

katzenangel 02
kitten toys

Image by bluemacgirl

katzenangel 01
kitten toys

Image by bluemacgirl
und bei diesen bildern kannst du sehen, was für einen spaß die katzenangel den nutzer/innen macht ;-)

katzenangel 09
kitten toys

Image by bluemacgirl
Pedro landet gerade. wieso fliegt der auf den hintern? heißt es doch, katzen landen immer auf 4 pfoten…?

Pedro is just landing. but why does he plop onto his butt? they say that cats always land on 4 paws…?

Kitten Games photos

Adorable kitten games pics I found:

Cat Tree
kitten games

Image by jon_a_ross
The old cat tree, was half off when we bought it almost two years ago. When the cats were kittens it wasn’t bad, it could handle them wiping up and down it with reckless disregard for gravity.

Now the cats are older they travel up and down it with more respect. The top level as become something you go to only very slowly, when you seek sleep, not another layer to the ambush game.

kitten games

Image by tizzie
I came home yesterday and Chris was unpacking a Wii. Briefly, I tried to be mad, since if we were other people we would have held onto a couple hundred, but in no time that had turned into me zipping right out the door again to buy another remote. I mean. "If we’re going to have one, I’ve at least got to be able to beat you."

Plus, as everyone else already knows, it’s so f’ing cute it was a little bit like coming home and finding he’d gotten a kitten.

"I feel like I’ve barely even been home, I was all swept away. I was swept aWii! I’m probably going to be doing that all weekend. Wiikend!!!!!!!!"

People can, like, play each other with this right? Like across continents and galaxies? Or time zones? Time and space? Who’ll take me?

Wait, let me practice a while first.

I think tennis will be my game. It really always was.

I am definitely not testing my fitness age until tomorrow. Or after another… like, year.

Nyan Cat Creation In Minecraft

Nyan Cat Made By Me On Shadowfire’s Server Leave A Like If Ya Liked. It Was Dedicated To Shadow For Being Such A Nice Owner =) PS The Guy You Hear Is My Friend Brandon And He Was Streaming On Twitch When We Were In A Skype Call :) Twitch.Tv/Yaman0o
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FOR MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY. Note: The music is from a recording of “Kill a Kitten” from Stephen Lynch’s “Live at the El Rey” (I think). I’m sorry it’s cut off in the beginning. Yes, I am aware that the song is slightly broken up by the talking. Yes, I like it better that way. (That’s the whole reason I made this video!) And the timing sucks. I’ll fix that…uh…well, I won’t fix that. No use lying. Except for the few made in MS Word and Paint, most of these pictures were found through a Google image search. If you’d like to know where a particular picture is from (or if you’re the irate creator of a picture and want me to mention your name), tell me and I’ll post the link here.
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The Blood Vlogs: Killer Cat and Dead Hamsters (Day 167)

12/27/10 We came home to a gruesome scene. Which prompted a great Jeromy and Zach signature story. *SUBSCRIBE* Stay Scary and Enjoy ____________________________________________________________________________ **The Blood Vlogs follow The Bloodshed Brothers through a year of being a home haunter. Letting Halloween consume their everyday life they invite you along for the ride. Welcome to the first daily Halloween Vlog on Youtube** Go check out our our non haunt vlogs here Matt and Wes Vs. The Zombie Apocalypse Website: Facebook Twitter:

Q&A: My new dog has my cats terrified?

Question by : My new dog has my cats terrified?
So my girlfriend has 5 cats. I have a mini Pomeranian. Today, I adopted a new dog. He is a 35 pound mutt. As soon as we got him home, we allowed him to meet the Pom. They were playing. The cats became Scared, and started running around, ripping my blinds to shreds, literally bouncing off the ceiling, and eventually jumping in a hole in my sofa, from which they have yet to emerge. My living room looks like a war zone from the cats’ flipping out. One cat, our tiny kitten seems fairly okay with the new dog, but the others are barricaded inside my couch, as though it was the zombie apocalypse. we tried crating the dog, and allowing the cats to meet him that way, but again, they are still in my sofa. (I hope they didn’t float off to narnia). Now how do I get them 1) out of my sofa, and 2) to not go bonkers at the sight of my new dog?

Best answer:

Answer by inlovewithcows
What you need to do is just give them time. Absolutely do not try to force anything. The cats feel that your house is their territory and they aren’t very happy about a new and bigger creature invading. Also, if they’re older cats, they may not be as welcome to changes as a younger cat or kitten.

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

Milhouse likes yogurt!

No need to wash out the yogurt container when you have your cat do it for you.
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My cat telling me she is ready to give birth! leading me to her nest! Pictures of the kittens, from birth to a few months old. :) This is my cat Toula. She started telling me she was ready to give birth to her beautiful kittens and was telling me to follow her as she didnt want to be on her own. she went on to have 4 beautiful kittens in my bottom draw! :D
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Ultra Kawaii – Odd Pet Pairs

Get ready for another episode of adorable team-ups. Remember our Interspecies Friendship episode? Well, how about some even crazier cute pairings? Puppies and lizards? Cats and Cockatiels? We’ve got it all. Check it out and be sure to leave a comment letting us know your favorites! Thanks to all the cute puppies and funny cats featured in this episode! Noisette and Tigger, Showshoe, Turtle, Bo and George, Cash & Pico, Veve & Peanut, Genuine, Oliver & Jasper, Horse & Dane, Fabian & Annabella, Bicus & Kiwi, Aurora & Ash, Cow & Lake, E Bass’s Pets, Bruiser, Vito & Sinatra, Barney & Bonnie, Dave’s Monkey, Loud Mouth Sr’s Cute Pairs, Sophie & Bunny, UC Shiva, Oreo & Pixie, Buddie & Capone, Rani & Kaley, Shiba & Kitty, Diesel & Ashlee, and Alvin. (Check out for All Pet Links!)
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Two Milk Bags Fighting

My friend gets beat up for the second time that night behind the bar. He started the fight but clearly did not finish it.


This is Pokey. She is my fathers cat. In this video she nods off in such a cuuuute way and falls asleep! I hope you enjoy watching her fall asleep!
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Weird Al Live! 6/27/10 “Wanna B Ur Lovr”

Al and the guys doing “Wanna B Ur Lovr,” a Prince/Beck styled original song about… wanting to be your lover. Enjoy!
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Harley The Pugs Nightmare

harley, my pug has a nightmare its pretty funny shit

Best of Sue Sylvester – Season 1

My personal favorites of Glee’s Sue Sylvester. I should be doing homework, but I did this instead. So you guys better laugh! How awesome is Jane Lynch?! I don’t own anything. I uploaded best of season 2 twice, but it got closed both times, and apparently I’ve really pissed off youtube, they said if I upload the video again, they’re gonna delete my account. Sorry guys, no more Sue-videos =(
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“Calling All Titans” After months of fighting the Brotherhood of Evil, the Teen Titans come back to Jump City. However, they must recruit some young heroes before the Brotherhood of Evil attacks them. The final battle has started.

Q&A: How can I get my kitten to accept dry food?

Question by devon d: How can I get my kitten to accept dry food?
I have been feeding her canned Wellness food.

I really need her to learn how to eat dry food too, because I will be going back to school soon, and want her to learn how to free feed.

Otherwise, I’ll have to give her a meal in the morning and one at night.

I have been mixing her canned food with a small amount of dried (Wellness Kitten Health) but she wont eat it :I

Best answer:

Answer by EvelynLucia
Try a different brand of dry cat food. Kittens, and cats, can be fussy with the brand, and flavor, of the food they eat.

Also, have a bowl of dry kitten food out, so she’ll be more inclined to eat it, then if you just put in front of her, and expect her to eat it.

Just be patient with her, she’ll eat the dry food when she’s ready

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Nightmare- Dj Freeherbs video:me + bro sk8ing check it out

me n bro sk8ing to music i made from scratch , let me know what u think good or bad?
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vladverevkin’s shared video file.
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Otters playing with pebbles Cute footage of Otters juggling pebbles

Kitten Names Girls photos

Adorable kitten names girls pics I found:

My creation
kitten names girls

Image by eelviss
Created with fd’s Flickr Toys.

1. chic, 2. Untitled, 3. big PAW, 4. cac, 5. cheap, 6. Untitled, 7. Merry Christmas, 8. chic and cihc,
9. ……, 10. wish, 11. mufu!!, 12. stretch, 13. chic, 14. . Cheap and Chic ., 15. Untitled, 16. Cloistered girl again,
17. Think Different, 18. violent., 19. Clash!!!rocK’nRoll T-shirt, 20. hige! hige! hige! "Cat’s whiskers" 2, 21. Cat in bag, 22. MINÉRALE CAT, 23. His name is Cheap., 24. cheap and chic,
25. ^~^, 26. cheap and chic, 27. !!!2, 28. Camo-Cat!, 29. ///Rain///, 30. My jeans Levi’s 517, 31. muguuuu! cihic, 32. pink,
33. ..3.., 34. minatomirai, 35. chic, 36. cheap and chic love, 37. GODZILLA, 38. Antique mirror work of India, 39. Tooth of kitten, 40. FROM THE CAR WINDOW OF FIAT//// PANDA 3,
41. Is someone sitting here?

What should I do with my territorial kitten?

Question by : What should I do with my territorial kitten?
My baby kitten is attacking my adult cat’s. She has been gettting into fight’s with my adult female, and attacking my male. My adult girl fight’s back and will go outside when she get’s enough and my male will run away and take it but will leave too.

Is there anything I can do to help with this or is it just a stage??


Best answer:

Answer by Gary Huss
Separate the kitten from the adult cats using a small fence blocking it’s movement. It should get used to the adult cats as they see each other from another side of the blockage. Watch “must love cats” on Animal Planet or “my cat from hell” same channel.

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

Q&A: Is it okay for my cat to eat yogurt?

Question by : Is it okay for my cat to eat yogurt?
She is an 8 month old kitten and whenever there is yogurt being eaten anywhere in the house she finds it and she will eat it, no matter which flavor. Is it safe for her? I have raised her from a month old and don’t want her to get hurt…

Best answer:

Answer by Mario
Yes your kitty will be fine im sure.

Give your answer to this question below!

Davie – sweet potato baby

at first when I got Davie I had to feed him mashed sweet potatoes with baby food chicken and mix a bit of kitty baby food in because he couldn’t tolerate food otherwise and threw up and had diarrhea. Probably as a result from being taken from his mama too soon, and was probably the runt of his litter but look at him now. Sphynx cats originate as a mix between an accidental hairless kitty and Siamese which they inbred. and he looks just like my David who died. David Died Last night he struggled for his last breath Flailing his arms his paws pushed against my chest grabbing for me with his last bit of strength Disbelief in his eyes — And then they were devoid empty calling out to the doctor “He’s passed already” She looked at his lean slim body “No,” she said, “his rib cage is still moving,” and took out her stethoscope She shook her head, “You’re right,” she’s said. “He’s gone.” Questions along with accusations swim in my head Why didn’t I recognize his symptoms Why didn’t I know I blame myself feel guilty He ate until yesterday today he died in my arms Went about his normal activities I noticed his shallow breathing a week ago but his behavior seemed normal Today he cried out staring in my eyes I saw he was dying The doctor proclaimed he was too far gone nothing could save him My heart isn’t the same I doubt it will ever be again Longing and sad I wait for him sitting at my computer I see his shadow at the periphery of my vision About to jump on my lap He would sit for
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~Read Me~ I’m so sorry about FoxTrail, I had no idea it was only for the class to watch.. But, like I said, I can show you the dumbass science little diarrhea piece of shit. Cx It will come in parts, yes yes, you will learn about them yummy delicious plant and animal cells. Mitochondria mitochondria mitochondria. C8 Mmmm. AND YES, I will be animating a Warriors book, please choose one..~! I’d prefer if you’d not choose Into the Wild, as it’s overanimated and the story now bores me. SO CHOOSE AWAY MY CHILDREN. … Gots to love those mitochondria. Don’t ignore the message at the end, it’s a good one. And LISTEN TO THE F*CKING NIRVANA SONG I TOLD YOU TO IT’S SO SEXY :UI love you. C: SURGEI- IF YOU WATCH THIS, THANK YOU FOR IMITATING KURT COBAIN TODAY, I LOVE IT, I LOVE YOU AND JOHN TOGETHER 8D Inside jokes.
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Kitten Play photos

Fluffy kitten play photos:

Harry’s glad to have him back
kitten play

Image by maryfrancesmain

Spencer reacting to the flash
kitten play

Image by Natodd
"Excuse me, why you all up in my grill?"

Cat fight.
kitten play

Image by cthoyes
Must have been a catchweight.

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