yum yum

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okay, i am trying to teach the kittens how to eat and one kept biting the side of the plate, i thought it was cute.
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12 Responses to “yum yum”

  1. hyperspaz101 says:

    the plate must have tasted REAL GOOD if he didnt want to eat the food

  2. boobookitty23 says:

    haha thats soo cute but were they eating groundmeat??
    haha adorable

  3. toru315 says:

    lolol why did he keep biting hte plate?

  4. Rakuonsha says:

    adorable ^^ it think thats how u spell it O.O lol

  5. greendayluver451 says:

    I love cats!

  6. jessica33313 says:

    that is cuute…i have two cats and i love em’

  7. drybananna says:

    awwwwww!! That is soooooooooooo cute, wow that kitten is pretty dense lol^^

  8. kissadream says:

    awwwwwwwwwwww that was sooo cute!!! i was all happy when he finally ate the food hahaha!!! :0P

  9. PRrocks says:


  10. nobloodinmyheart says:

    soo damn cute

  11. Savonnette says:

    Funny :D 

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