World of Tanks 10 – Kittens with Mittens

Me (again amrite?) with a complete useless co-host AthiestCat2004 (heart). His channel is on my channel, check it out for like let’s plays and dogs abuse videos. Parental Advisory, cursing happens in this video.

21 Responses to “World of Tanks 10 – Kittens with Mittens”

  1. akehelgamuwa says:

    who is fraps?

  2. Ant2398 says:


  3. agrikid1 says:

    Don’t Slag Off The British Man

  4. oinkfroist216 says:

    Obnoxious Terrible Horrible Horrific Scary Terrifying Stupid Dumb Crapy Loserious Suicidal

    A – 20

    And get 5’00 xp ( or more ) in a half hour killing 10 Tanks/Arty/TD

    Email me at if you want to

  5. oinkfroist216 says:

    Ignore that typo.

    Anyway I want to see you do a tier 4 challenge with the

  6. oinkfroist216 says:


  7. StabKingPro says:

    You say an M1 is big, have you ever seen a Russian T-90? The gun on that thing is just massive and the tank itself is no small thing either.

  8. CommieCat says:

    Well getting banned is a whole nother issue. If it ain’t resolved within 24 hours of their time, then you got a problem.

  9. prosporter9 says:

    Well, my ban ends at 09:52:00 PM and it’s like 11:19 in EST right now. I’m really confused now. And it says Sunday, March 6, 2011.

  10. CommieCat says:

    Upon googling it I found a large database of 4Chan jokes XD

  11. yokid414 says:

    20:04 my thoughts when he said go go….. go go power rangers !

  12. CommieCat says:

    Most likely EST

  13. prosporter9 says:

    Commiecat, do you know what time zone the game is based on the North American server? Is it UTC or EST?

  14. makmixerbeast says:

    dude i downloaded this game and it is awesome

  15. CommieCat says:

    T1 is too bad to benefit.

  16. CommieCat says:

    Two tiers of me would be 5 and 6 or 4 and 5 in a match. Not 5,6,7.

  17. CommieCat says:

    @judomudo Tier 4 lights are special, the can be matched with any tier but ten. 

  18. Gallardo95 says:

    Why not train secendary skills on your 100% tank cerws?

  19. psfonseka says:

    The tiger is within two tiers of yourself lol

  20. Mattman7342 says:

    would you play with me even though im just getting started and not all that great, my best tank is a-20 right now

  21. TheWoodstock2009 says:


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