Workers hope to rescue cat from drain after driver hears ani

By Jessica Stith of The Daily Times Staff Click here to zoom… Daryl Sullivan/The Daily Times Since hearing and seeing a kitten in the drain at the corner of East Lamar Alexander Parkway and West Broadway in Maryville, Cody Dietz has been working to get the animal freed. Cody Dietz was stopped on West Broadway Avenue at the intersection of East Lamar Alexander Parkway heading east at 3 am Wednesday when he heard a “meow.” Dietz, 22, Evelyn Avenue, Maryville, pulled his car over to investigate the sound and discovered it was coming from a drain in the road at the intersection. He said it turned out his ears were not deceiving him. He found a kitten was trapped inside the drain. “I told it that I was going to save it, and I will,” Dietz said. Dietz said he came back to the drain at noon Wednesday and could still hear the kitten’s meow. He said he kept his eye on the storm drain and finally saw the kitten walk below the grate. “It’s a cute cat. It’s a solid black kitten.” According to Maryville Police Chief Tony Crisp, Maryville Animal Control received a call about the kitten a week ago. He said animal control workers were unable to find the cat and thought that may be due to the recent heavy rains. Crisp said Animal Control and Maryville Public Works would be using a backhoe to gain access to the storm drain Wednesday night and set a trap for the kitten. They planned to return early this morning to check to see if the cat walked into the trap. Dietz set up a sign at the
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12 Responses to “Workers hope to rescue cat from drain after driver hears ani”

  1. librarising79 says:

    Well I’ll be damned.

  2. RandleEl11 says:

    Man, I just watched your 9/11 activism video and then I saw this video. I was just thinking earlier…why is it that some of us care so much and others won’t even allow themselves to think about it, let alone investigate it for themselves? The answer is because we are caring, loving and compassionate people who just want to see things change for the better. We just want back what is good and right in the world. We just want freedom, liberty and justice. Thank you, brother. God bless.

  3. rabidwhodey says:

    The cats fine… I rehabilitated it and gave it to a friend… happily ever after…

  4. heaveho94 says:

    well what happened?

  5. siciliansummer says:

    Did they get the kitten out of there?

  6. safarsephiroth says:

    i hate you i love cats you will burn in hell

  7. rabidwhodey says:

    Who are you…

  8. mmt2853 says:

    i think it was?

  9. sweetvegan74 says:

    Was the kitten ever saved?

  10. MyFavoritePupJasmine says:

    wow… i like to trick train my dog… but it’s pretty impressive to me that you’ve trained your cats to do the same tricks we do!!! LOL. Great job!!!

  11. Bluestarox says:

    Uawhhhh <3333

  12. lianimator says:


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