[WoMD] Little sh*ts stopping me from getting my Dharoks :@

Thought you guys might enjoy this ^.^ I give ChrisArchieProds Permission to use this clip (why not ay its got potential!)

25 Responses to “[WoMD] Little sh*ts stopping me from getting my Dharoks :@”

  1. jfarrell111 says:


  2. Chuck Norris says:


  3. 235def says:


  4. ProducedVIDS says:

    I know how to do it :D

  5. ganzhag says:

    omg fucking lotters can get there own kills-.-

  6. RjahDat808Grown says:

    but if you right click, your gunna try to attack others. LOL

  7. Killzone1256 says:

    you didnt need to right-click just left click where it says you can pick up items

  8. 9DiZzLE9G9 says:

    i could have taken the dharocks loot until i took a kitten to the knee =(

  9. dalton aronhalt says:


  10. randompeepsRS says:

    lmfaoa!!!!!!!!!!! You got fucking trolled by Kitten

  11. vampireB3AN says:

    The way you said it made it so amusing
    *kills opponent for dh*
    “awww no, kittens”

  12. RandumDudez says:

    Looks likes someone would take a helm over a kitten any day

  13. ReubenKun says:

    follower null lol

  14. algot34 says:

    switch to resizeable

  15. garrett brooks says:

    l0l sucks

  16. McSpatch says:

    Should have went full screen

  17. agentowner says:

    Everybody else does it you goof.

  18. funnyanimationguy says:


  19. TheAntiZynar says:

    You’re honestly a fucking moron. The glitch put around 70 kittens per person. Going full-screen or resizeable won’t cut it. And what if they’d have low screen-resolution? It woulden’t matter

  20. NeEeM0 says:

    If you would just changed to fullscreen you would been able to get it

  21. Farcrada says:


  22. agentowner says:

    Your honestly a fucking moron. People have been doing this ever since the wilderness came out, wither it was with vials, kittens, ect.

    All you have to do is go to resizeable or full screen….

  23. NarcBros says:

    U can’t wreck me l0l, gf your fat mums life nooby

  24. sausag3onthefloor says:

    U are 1 fuking cheeky kunt m8 i swear i’ll wreck u i swear on my mum’s life

  25. MrBenjaminHERE says:

    He loves his pussy.

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