Winged Cat Eyeliner Tutorial FOR ROUND EYES MOSTLY

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13 Responses to “Winged Cat Eyeliner Tutorial FOR ROUND EYES MOSTLY”

  1. LAMSCHICK0104 says:

    I love having round eyes. I always look wide eyed, also use white eyeliner to make them a lil bigger looking and its so cute, give you ALMOST bug anime eyes. Its cute, trust me. Try using NYX jumbo pencil in milk, if you didnt know that tip already lol. I know a llot of gurus do that on youtube!

  2. jenjen1421 says:

    having round eyes does make the winged look harder to do, but we’re unique! :) andyour tips were helpful thanks!

  3. LAMSCHICK0104 says:

     Thank you!

  4. BAMitsRuzi says:

    This is great!

  5. LAMSCHICK0104 says:

    Anytime! I know how hard it is to see all these looks and tutorials and when you go to recreate them its looks like poo on you bc of your eye shape. I am happy I could help you.

  6. LAMSCHICK0104 says:


  7. BriiReeves9 says:

    We have about the same eye shape so this helped me out. :) Thanks!

  8. ILoveDawsonsCreek says:

    Very helpful video – thanks

  9. LAMSCHICK0104 says:

     Awww ty.I am too bc it was getting hard to wear that look. I want to help round eyed ppl like me. I have been told I look like an anime character lol I have smal features and BIG eyes, lol. I also did it bc you asked, and I will always try to please you :D

  10. JelliclesForever says:

    I really like the look on you! I’m glad you found some tips that are helping you with your eye shape. You have really pretty BIG eyes! Thanks for this.

  11. CatsAnsa2181Xoxox says:

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  12. CatsCanyons399 says:

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  13. Nabilis says:

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