Will upper respiratory infection kill my kitten?

Question by Kristin W: Will upper respiratory infection kill my kitten?
Just came back from vet. The 2 week old kitten I’m fostering has an upper respiratory infection. Mom cat died when her & sibblings were 1 day old. I’ve been bottle feeding & caring for them since. The Dr gave her meds. But what are the chances of her survival? So far she’s still eating well & acting normal (except for the sneezing)

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Answer by *Carnage*
my feral—Simba, also was born with this type of infection—-after treatment from the vet with a course of antibiotics…..Simba is doing okay—-however, when she sneezes, the blowout from her nose seems bloody at times, so I guess it is back to the vets……

I understand that when the mothers do not properly clean their young after birth that this is quite common in them. I have 8 ferals — 3 given birth to under my kitchen sink—-and the other 5 have adopted me….Simba was left out in the forest to die ….. but struggled and yawled and yowled until I found her…..like I say—-upper respiratory infections take their toll—and things may not ever be right…..but you (like myself) have given of yourself to help one of God’s creatures in distress…..may your kindness be returned unto you by the love and companionship this cat will give you….

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  1. Science says:

    My kitten used to have it. Do not worry, it will not kill your kitten. Just give it medication.

  2. Meg says:

    She has a good chance of survival with antibiotics. I have been fostering orphaned kittens for many years and have never lost one.

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