why does my kitten poop on the ground instead of pooping in a litter box?

Question by : why does my kitten poop on the ground instead of pooping in a litter box?
Even if the litter box is right next to him he wont use it
he is 6 weeks old and also he has a lot of diarrhea
also after he poops he butt is bleeding
He also has fleas
and the food i give him is wet food nothing else

so can anyone tell me how to get my kitten litter trained becuz he has pooped on the carpet twice! once on my new shirt and another time on the carpet on which i stepped on!!!!

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Answer by ☮♥KiKi♥☮
Try those puppy training pads
as to why he does, HES A REBEL

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  1. friskygimp says:

    first of all I would suggest you take your kitten to the vet. He needs flea treatment and he needs to make sure he isnt sick. He also may be ready for a bit of hard food (ask the vet)

    As far as the cat box issue there could be a number of reasons for his behavior.

    1. seeing how he has diarrhea he may not be making it to the box in time
    2. is the box clean? if its dirty some cats wont poop in the box
    3. he may still need a bit more training 6 weeks is young
    4. he may be acting out with a bit of a ‘tude

    be patient and get yourself some puppy training pads and put them around your house for easy clean up of accidents and a bottle of natures miracle to clean the carpet

    good luck!!

  2. strongdude85 says:

    your cat is really really mad at you thats all

  3. ★Cняışşγ★ ™ says:

    That’s not normal.

    A lot of diarrhea and bleeding is not normal, and you should take him to the vet! If he has fleas, get him some flea medicine and give him a bath.

    Well, the wet food is OK to give to him because I noticed cats like wet food more and it’s better for them. But you should leave out some dry food for him to eat. :)

  4. Lucy Luz says:

    it takes time for the kitty to get used to the litter box..
    and the bleeding is not normal so i suggest to take him to the vets..

    wet food makes kitties poop watery..
    one way to train it is to show the kitty its litter box

  5. Brewster says:

    take him to the vet, the poor kitten, and in the mean time avoid stepping in the diarrhea. eww

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