who has a kitten for sale?

Question by : who has a kitten for sale?
I love kittens and i would love to have a kitten because i had to give my cat to my brother when i had to move to a new house

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Answer by Lisa S
adopt a kitten from your local animal shelter :)

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  1. dogman242002 says:

    pleasae consider your local animal shelter than can hook you up for a small adoption fee and you save a kitty from certain death if it is not adopted, thank you for saving a pets life.

  2. sapphiregirl1031 says:

    Don’t buy a kitten from a store or a person, there are shelters that are overflowing with cute kittens. The best thing to do is to look for the municipal animal shelter in your county or town and go visit. You can adopt a kitten there, and most shelters will do the first year of shots and the spay/neuter surgery before you adopt the kitten. The adoption fee you pay them covers those costs. This way you’re helping an animal that needs a home, and cutting down on the unwanted pet epidemic. Good luck!

  3. sammiiie1 says:

    depends where u are if ur in united kingdom, get the loot (paper) there are loads in there,or if anywhere else look in your local pet shop windows or ask inside the shop,cause all so try animal shelters

  4. ny_yankees_chick says:

    Go to http://www.petfinder.org – when I was looking for a kitten I just put in my zip code and found dozens of organizations and shelters looking to give kittens to good homes.

    You have to pay an adoption fee usually but they’ll give you certificate to get your kitten spayed when it comes of age – and usually the kittens have had all their shots and have been checked out by the vet already and are in good health.

  5. sundragonjess says:

    I know people that have kittens for sale. What breed do you want, you need to figure that out first….

  6. Victoria K says:

    I’m giving a kitten away for free go to my website at http://www.xanga.com/KittenQueen

  7. AzanDrummerAzan says:

    Within some other news, researchers for the Mayo medical clinic are generally providing kittens Helps

  8. HighRya675 says:

    our cat Bigboy hates bathing

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