When should a new kitten get shots?

Question by Mickey: When should a new kitten get shots?
I am looking to get a kitten and I already have a 3 y/o male cat. My question is, does the kitten need to have its shots done before I can bring it into my home? My cat is up to date on all his shots and is strictly an indoor cat.

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Answer by AkitaLover
Your new arrival will start its vaccines at 8 weeks. Because your other cat is up to date and strinctly indoors there are no worries.
During these precious times, make sure your cat does not get outside to prevent getting the kitten infected.

Congrats on your new fuzzy friend

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  1. Victoria B says:

    kittens get their first vaccine around 8 weeks of age, and need a set of 3 booster shots every 2 weeks after that. So three vet visits every 2 weeks for a month and a half. Easy enough. And they need rabies shots around 4 months of age (later on obviously), which is an annual shot luckily.

  2. morgan88 says:

    You should have no worries except when you get the kitten, if you don’t take it to the vet right away to be checked etc. then make sure you have one litter box for your cat and one for the kitten simply because my vet told me that a kitten cannot be tested for “kitty aids” until a certain age, so to keep there litter boxes separate just in case same for if the kitten has worms like most do.

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