What should I name my two kittens? (Youtube link)?

Question by : What should I name my two kittens? (Youtube link)?

Mine’s are the first , orange one. And at 0:28 a black, brown mixed that looks kinda funny is mine too.

I’m thinking about naming them Sunshine & Shadow. The orange one sunshine, the darker shadow.
Or Pischi (means kitten in farsi) and Jooje (means chicken baby in farsi)

Or, what do you think?

I love them <3 They are both very curious, playful and loves when people pet them.

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Answer by ♥kittylover♥
I like Sunshine and Shadow.

Orange- Sunshine
Black, Brown- Shadow

it’s perfect, just like a juxtaposition.

They are so cute!!

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One Response to “What should I name my two kittens? (Youtube link)?”

  1. emosrule says:

    they r so cute nd sunshine and shadow r perfect names for them

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