What should i be feeding an 8 week old kitten?

Question by Doug12: What should i be feeding an 8 week old kitten?
I have been feeding her wet kitten food and i want to know if i should be feeding her something else now, also should she be drinking water?I have a water bowl set up for her but she never seems to drink out of it but she constantly urinates.
Also my kitten came into our home with fleas, ive given it baths with dawn soap and removed a good amount, but there are still more on her, how can i get rid of them and make sure they dont infest my home.

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Answer by Proud owner of 6 cats and 2 dogs
High quality canned food is the best thing to feed your kitten. Cats get much of their water from their food, that’s why canned food is best. She’s probably drinking a little bit of water just when you’re not around.

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  1. LVTchick says:

    Your kitten needs to be fed a high quality dry food. Wet food can cause diarrhea. If you decide to change to a different type of food do it gradually over about a period of 5 days to prevent stomach upset. I recommend Science Diet Kitten Formula. Yes, kitty needs to be drinking water and not milk. She’s probably drinking while your not watching her. Plus she’s getting some water from her wet food.

    As far as the fleas: Bathe her in dawn dish detergent and then wait 2 days and apply Revolution to prevent re infestation. You can get Revolution at the vets office. You also need to treat your house…if your kitten has fleas and has EVER been in your house your house is now infested. If you don’t treat the house the kitten will continue to get fleas.

    Hope this helps!!

  2. Helen says:

    You could give her dry food as well if it is especially for kittens. I feed mine wet food but leave a bowl of dry food out all the time for them to nibble on as well. Some people argue that dry food is good for their teeth etc.

    If you do introduce a new food do it REALLY gradually as any change in diet can cause diarrhoea in kittens which can be dangerous if the kitten gets de-hydrated.

    Are you sure you just don’t see her drink? If you start feeding her dried food you are more likely to see her drink then as wet food as a higher water content obviously. You could try changing the water bowl? Or re-locating it? Is it nice fresh water?

    Make sure you don’t give her cows milk as this could make her quite ill, and milk especially for kittens can cause diarrhoea too, so even though you may be tempted to give her this as a treat, just be careful.

    You can get flea drops that you put onto the back of the kittens neck, HOWEVER, she may be too young for these yet – consult your vet. You must de-flea your home as fleas will be on your soft furnishings so if you don’t do this it will be a vicious circle. Vacuum/wash EVERYTHING! If your kitten isn’t old enough to use the drops on yet, use them regularly as soon as she is old enough. Flea collars can be a bit useless and the stuff on them can sometimes only last a few days.

    Don’t forget to worm her, again, consult your local vet.

    P.S. about the fleas… if the kitten has been in your home with the fleas, they will have already infested your home I’m afraid :( which is why you need to deflea your home too. Good luck with everything. Oh, and you could groom her and after you’ve combed/brushed her use a flea comb. You’ll get one at your vets or pet store.

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