What kind of shots does my kitten need and how much.ALL ADVICE.?

Question by kitty: What kind of shots does my kitten need and how much.ALL ADVICE.?
My boyfriend is paying for my kitten shots and I’m paying to get him fix and put a chip in him. How much are the shots and what kind does he need . And should I make two trips to the vet or get it done in one day. Which one should I do first/ get him fixed,and his chip , or his shots, or can I get it all done in one day . Or will it be hard for him. And if you want to know his name is Little JJ.Please help , he’s like my baby and I want the best for him. Thanks and have a nice day.
He’s 3 months old and geting himn fix at 4 .

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Answer by Rusty Shackleford
Al good questions…FOR YOUR VET! We have no idea what your vet charges for services.

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  1. odessa2469 says:

    well first of all he has to be 6mos before he can be fixed. Shots are first and then neutering. The vet will tell you all the shots he needs. Pretty much, rabies, feline luekemia, Feline aids. I would suggest you go 2 separate times due to trauma. You can do both in one day, it can though be a little bit stressful for the kitty. It won’t be too hard for him once he’s been fixed. Good luck

  2. Allie says:

    Talk to your vet, they can tell you all you need to know, about how much it’ll cost, because different vets charge differently and most likely they can do everything all in one day, but I dont know for sure. Your vet will take care of all the shots that he’ll need. Just ask your vet any questions you have.

  3. old cat lady says:

    Shorty –

    It’s important that the kitten shots get started as they are a series of two or three depending on the age of the kitten. So I would start with that. When you go to the vet discuss when would be a good time to do his neutering (I hope the vet will do it at five months – please insist not to wait till six months).

    The microchip has no physical effect on the kitten so that could be done at the time of the shot or at the time of the neutering. I think you are planning to keep JJ indoors so the rabies shot can be given at six months. Don’t give more than one shot at a time. Occasionally a cat can have a rather serious reaction from a shot so it is always best to allow a three-week space between them.

    Since you have a lot of questions about JJ and his care, etc. you should go to http://www.littlebigcat.com and read Dr. Jean Hovfe’s articles there The one titled “Vaccination” is at the end of the thirty or so articles. That gives Dr.Hovfe’s recommendations and warnings about issues like over-vaccination, which can cause illness. The leukemia vaccine is now suspect in possibly causing that disease.

    Any prices I would give you would probably not be relevant to your community. You need to find a veterinarian whom you can communicate with well and feel you can trust with JJ’s care. I use a clinic and three vets for my six cats. All my vets have many cats in their own homes. 70% of a vet’s practice will be dealing with dogs and only about 30% cats. Cats are not easy to handle in a verterinary situation unless the vet really cares about cats and has a number of his own.

    Just take one one or two articles a day and many of your questions about JJ’s care will be answered.

    How was the trip to Disneyland and your birthday celebration?

  4. Lauren M says:

    Every vet charges a little bit different prices and you can also get some things done at low cost clinics (though, for the best health of your cat, I would always suggest going to your regular vet). For specific prices, you will need to contact your vet for an estimate.

    Your kitten would need, for the first visit:
    Exam (usually $ 20-$ 40)
    Rabies vaccines if over 12 weeks old ($ 5 – $ 15)
    FVRCP/Leukemia vaccine (about $ 20) 2 roughly 3 to 4 weeks apart
    Deworming (less than $ 10)
    Microchip ($ 25-$ 30 depending on the brand and your vet’s charges) – can be done with vaccines or neutering
    Next visit:
    Neuter (about $ 30 – $ 70 depending on type of clinic and anesthetic that they use)

    Get the vaccines and deworming done first so that he will be at least a little protected from disease while he is in the hospital for his surgery. Vet clinics are for sick pets too, so your pet should always be up to date on vaccines is staying in the clinic. Also, depending on where you got the cat, testing for leukemia and FIV might be recommended. Talk to your vet about it.

  5. funtimerobert333 says:

    Well, I got a kitten this summer.
    To fix him, I am not sure. My parents paid for it.
    The chip however, is definatly no more than $ 40. This is can be done during the same operation being “fixed”, and it’s cheaper if done so.

    1st visit to the vet- They recieve stool swab(not a shot, just a procedure), and one shot.

    2nd Visit- Rabies shot, stool swab, and possibly something else.

    Another vist- This isn’t neccesarily the 3rd visit, but the only thing that happens is the nuetering operation and possibly inserting the chip.

    Please, talk to your vet before assuming anything.

  6. piper says:

    Without knowing how old your kitten is, here is the vaccination schedule we follow in our area.
    6-7 weeks: 3-way (distemper combo), De-worming

    8-9 weeks: 3-way, Leukemia, de-worming

    10-11 weeks: 3-way, leukemia

    12-13 weeks: FIP, leukemia

    14-15 weeks: FIP

    16 weeks: Rabies and spay/neuter

    He should have his shots first, partly because when the shots need to start, he will not be old enough to neuter. Partly because general anesthesia can lower the immune system and increase his risk of developing diseases.

  7. Kristen C says:

    Costs will vary according to where you live and the clinic you choose,

    Your kitten will need a series of vaccinations as well as an FIV/LEK test. The vaccinations your vet recommends may be based on your kitten’s lifestyle. For example, a cat who has been vaccinated for FIV will test positive for FIV. Since the risk of contracting FIV is practically nonexistant for an indoor cat, the vet may not reccomend it if your cat is not allowed outdoors. A FIV/LEK test at our clinic is about $ 40.00 and one round of (all) vaccs is about $ 47.00. (remember, kitty will need boosters, too) I would get the vaccs before taking him in for surgery. The vaccs take time to start building immunity, and vet hospitals see sick animals, too.

    Neutering costs at our clinic are something like:

    $ 42.00 for the surgery, itself
    $ 11.95 for a pain injection given after the surgery
    $ 25ish for take home pain meds (optional)
    $ 45.00 for pre op bloodwork – many vets make this part optional, but it is important. pre op bloodwork allows the doctor to see inside your kitty and many problems that aren’t apparent from the outside, yet. If your kitty’s bloodwork comes back normal, the panel will give your vet something to compare future bloodwork to when your kitty gets sick.

    A microchip, here, is $ 39.00 plus an $ 18 fee to the company when registering. It can be done at any time, but it often done when a cat is sayed or neutered.

    Your kitty should also be tested for parasites which runs about $ 15.00, here.

  8. Katrina L says:

    A cat can be neutered as early as 8 weeks provided it’s at least 2lbs. so don’t listen to people who say you can’t have him neutered until he’s 6 months old. It’s different from vet to vet.

    His shots, however, should have been started long ago. The first set of shots are supposed to be given between 6 and 8 weeks. Usually, a kitten is given a combination of shots then, again 4 weeks later, and another set 4 weeks afer that for a total of 3 sets.

    But shots can be started later. I know that with the male we adopted (he was a couple years old) we had to wait a month after getting his first set of shots because you can’t neuter a cat within 30 days of a rabies vaccination. So take that into account. Your best bet would be to start the shots now, then have him microchipped when you take him in for his neuter surgery.

    The cost of these varies from vet to vet and area to area, so your best bet would be to call the vet you’re going to take the kitten to and get quoted a price. With our male, his first visit (shots, tests, and ear mite treatment) cost $ 94 dollars. The second visit (neutering, second distemper combo, and microchip) cost about $ 86.

  9. RaeRae says:

    As for prices ask your Vet. When I worked at a Vet clinic we always gave the shots first on a separate visit to make sure the pet didn’t have a reaction. An allergic reaction to the shots would cause complications in the surgery. Usually the first set of shots included distemper and a dewormer (to get ride of ring worms all kitten have this from the milk from their mommy) Then on a separate visit they would get a second distemper their rabies and feline leukemia shot (I suggest this shot if your kitty is going to be outdoors by himself at all ever, if not and indoor only you only need it once but you have to get him tested first its cheap usually between $ 10-15 depends on the vet) 4-6 months old is the usual age for spay/neuter. If JJ is a male it will be cheaper than if its a female. they can put the chip in before ,during or after the surgery. It just goes in the large needle & get put into the scruff of his neck like a shot. No pain all the times I’ve seen it done the cat/dog never even flinched.

    Find a good reputable vet and they will give you more info and prices. Good luck with your new addition to your family. They are wonderful!

  10. dawggurl47 says:

    If he is three months old he should have already had his kitten shots. You will have to do those first because it is a three step process. First he will get his feline lukemia and distemper shots. Then three weeks later he will need to get them again. The next three weeks he will get those shots and his first rabies shot. After that he will be good untill the next year. Most vet’s will not neuter a cat until around 6 months old so you better check with your vet to make sure he will do it this early. Get the chip done during the surgery. Those are the only shot he will need though. I can’t tell you an exact price because it varys with each vet so you should call and ask first.

  11. leftygirl_75 says:

    by 3 months old your cat should have already been fully vaccinated. Cats should begin vaccination starting at 6 weeks old and continue with vaccinations every 3 weeks until the cat is 15-16 weeks old. So your vet will probably vaccinate for the upper respiratory viruses, and rabies then recommend fiv/leukemia test and vaccination if the cat is going to be outside. Then recommend boosters in 3 weeks since we have not been vaccinated. Vaccinations will probably cost around $ 50-75 total and neutering will probably be around $ 75-90 a microchip is usually around $ 20-40. This all really depends on the vet you go to, so if you do not have a regular vet I would call around for the best prices and services.

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