what eye color will the kittens have?

Question by : what eye color will the kittens have?
dad is black fluffy and has orange eyes and the mom is a tortie with green eyes the kittens are 2 orange tabies ones a silver blue color and the other 2 are all black they have blue eyes right now so what color will they turn?

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Answer by Amanda
You won’t know for sure until you see it for yourself

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  1. Holly says:

    all cats are born with blue eyes. when they get older, their eyes change to either a 1) yellow 2) brown 3) greenish 4) orangeish
    you’ll have to wait and find out what color they change to!!

  2. youarealush says:

    There haven’t been enough studies on cat genetics to know until they’re older. There is evidence to suggest that eye color is linked to coat color. Cats eyes can be blue, green, or yellow. The yellow variation ranges from yellow to gold, copper, or hazel. Domestic cats don’t have brown eyes. The kittens eyes will change to their permanent color by eight weeks of age.

  3. TifanyFreezing says:

    our cat Sabriel is actually useless

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