what does the phrase huffing orange kittens mean?

Question by nativearies00: what does the phrase huffing orange kittens mean?

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Answer by Queen Sarcastic Cat
Kitten huffing is a controversial practice that has recently been growing as a popular and healthy alternative to street drugs. Despite a long history in Western culture, the practice remains largely taboo. Excessive huffing has been known to produce undesirable side effects, including addiction, damaged sinuses, corrupted brains, which may lead to someone thinking they’re something they aren’t, and, in some cases, death. It is a general rule of thumb that anyone who huffs more than 3 kittens a day is an addict. Veteran huffers often caution against huffing more than a couple kittens per day as overdosing can be very unpleasant and quite dangerous.

The ‘cupped hands approach’, developed by the Marquess of Queensberry as a remedy for the pain of head injuries sustained while boxing, has come to be the dominant huffing technique in Europe and the Americas. Other techniques are generally avoided by all but expert huffers and even experts tend to avoid techniques involving rolled up dollar bills, as the kittens tend to clog, although two other techniques exist.

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3 Responses to “what does the phrase huffing orange kittens mean?”

  1. punkrockboy says:

    it means taking an orange kitten up in your hands , placing it just under your nose, and inhaling vigorously

  2. GrahamH says:

    I suspect that the phrase is a euphemism, used by someone who was reluctant to use a full-blown profanity. This explanation has only occured to me because I have just received an e-mail containing a similar convetion: someone asked me “What the rubbery Greek Yoghurt is that?”

  3. WISE OWL says:

    The two first posts are teasing you.
    It simply means “to get very angry”.
    It is a metaphor like “to blow a fuse, blow a gasket, blow one’s stack/top, breathe fire, fly off the handle, get hot under the collar, hit the ceiling/roof, lose one’s temper, see red, spit nails”

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