What do you feed a kitten who is allergic to kitten formula?

Question by BellaBuggy: What do you feed a kitten who is allergic to kitten formula?
I have 2 abandoned kittens that I took in 2 days ago, vet estimated them to be between 4-6 weeks of age. They cannot manage the kitten food I was given but love the kitten formula. However, they are now having white stools, which I read are caused by formula intolerance. Unfortunately I can’t find any info on what to feed as an alternative to kitten formula, and the vet is closed. Any guidance would be much appreciated. I’m not normally a cat person but these babies have won my heart, and they are a part of our family now.

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Answer by knowitallssuckiamone
If it is a good quality complete dried food, try mixing it into a gruel, using a little warm water. If they are over 4 weeks, this will be FINE and can be made thin enough to give through a bottle if need be.
If they are weaned, and at that age they probably are, then they don’t NEED milk of any description, and will absorb MUCH more goodness from a complete kitten food.
Good on you ,it’s hard work raising such little guys.=)

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  1. Ed M says:

    Try cows milk till the vet is open mix it with water you can also mix the can food in a separate dish with the cows milk just a little a spoon full mush not soup or you can go to you re pet store Pet co Pet smart Pet land and get dogs milk that works better than cats any way I don’t know why and they have powered pets milk to just don’t buy allot just enough till Monday.They show at my house from birth to seven years so I have had a few here in fact I have a four week now and there isn’t any thing she doesn’t eat.

  2. daa says:

    If they’re 4-6 weeks old, they should be ready for some good-quality canned kitten food, maybe mixed with a bit of formula at first. You could also try some chicken or turkey baby food.

  3. jeselynn_81 says:

    maybe try a wet cat food.. you say the stool is white.. is it of a normal consistency.. could be cause the food you are feeding is white..

    at 4-6 weeks soft food is a best start

  4. macleod709 says:

    you can get some dry kitten food and soften it with some warm water. I suggest you get http://www.nutroproducts.com/ncccdry-in-k.shtml

    you can try calling the vets number they may have a call service or a number to use incase of an emergency that you can call to get advice on this.

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