What color and coat pattern does this kitten have (pics)?

Question by ♥Pretty♥ ♥Kitty♥: What color and coat pattern does this kitten have (pics)?



It’s a weird one to me.

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Answer by spiritwalker
he’s a long haired tabby. Brown black, and white

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9 Responses to “What color and coat pattern does this kitten have (pics)?”

  1. blue eyes says:

    he is a long haired marbled tabby

  2. Rara says:

    hes a long haired tabby and hes adorable!

  3. Horseplay#9 says:

    You are right, that is a toughy. But how beautiful!!! It looks so soft.
    At my hospital, our computer is only set up to receive certain description types. I suppose we would enter this one in as a domestic long hair marbled/tabby mix. Did you notice the special “Madonna M” on the forehead?

  4. Róisín says:

    hes a tabby cat. if you want more information go onto wikipedia and type in ur image or type in “brown and black striped cat?”

  5. animal_girl575 says:

    Looks like a longhair marble tabby and he’s VERY beautiful!

  6. Teri B. says:

    He’s got a brown mackerel pattern. CFA has a nice site on breeds and patterns.

  7. liz5000 says:

    Its so cute
    I’d say a marbled long lair tabby

  8. indyanakin4 says:

    long haired tabby cat….brown and black, little bit of white.

  9. ShardKittensAliya says:

    My cat Ordinary is FIV beneficial

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