What can I train my little 9 week old kitten to do?

Question by Person: What can I train my little 9 week old kitten to do?
I know you have to wait until they’re a bit older to do complicated tricks like jump through a hoop or roll over or high five or something, but I mean, look at “suprised kitty” on youtube, they tought that little, what, 6 week old kitten (?) to do that, so I think a 9 week old could be trained to atleast do some tricks, right? And if so, what?

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Answer by Bozz Mozz
Mine does the laundry and makes some slammin’ cheese fries

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  1. Rachel says:

    I watched “Surprised kitty” on youtube. They didn’t train the kitten to do that, the kitten just did it. I taught my kitten how to play dead. He does it pretty good now.

  2. R P Cat says:

    They took a behavior and turned it into a trick. That is really the kittens natural behavior. Not all kittens behave in the same manner. You will have to see what your kitten does and does well and enhance that behavior. I have one who will beg and looks like it is praying sitting up. I have one who will fetch. I have a girl who will run the feline agility, these are thing they like to do not that your train them to do. So you work with what the kitten likes to do and enhance that behavior. If it doesn’t like to do something then that will be very hard to get it to do what you want. You have to know your kitten/cat and watch them play and go from there.

    R P CAT

    Did you finally get a kitten??

  3. Liana Jane says:

    Litter tray train it or if you want to take it for walks train it on a lead
    Train it to come when you whistle/call

  4. K B says:

    Get a laser and a hoop. Get the kitty to go through it that way:)

  5. sagacious_ness says:

    I know this isn’t really the answer you’re looking for, but….
    Nine weeks is a good time to focus on some “basics”, if you haven’t already. Examples:
    1. Name Recognition – To encourage your kitten to come to you, or at least ‘answer’ when called, try repeating kitten’s name when feeding, playing and petting (positive reinforcement) and use only a firm ‘no’, NOT their name, when scolding.

    2. Lots of handling – This is the time to get your kitten used to having it’s paws touched and touching around its mouth so you’ll have a cat who’s cooperative when you’re trimming nails, examining teeth, etc.

    3. Proper scratching – Offer a variety of scratching materials (scratching posts, corrugated cardboard, boards wrapped with sissel cord, etc). Make the good places to scratch a fun and enjoyable experience, using praise and/or treats when your kitten uses them.

    As for tricks… some cats like to fetch paper balls or toys. Mine can open cabinet doors, but I didn’t teach (or want!) them to do that :)

  6. Delilah says:

    Congratulations on your new kitten! I know you’ve been anticipating this event for a long time. Is it a boy or a girl kitten?

    At nine weeks, your kitten may be a little too “kitten-ish” to train any “tricks”. He/she probably doesn’t have the attention span yet. At present, you should be concentrating on socialization, teaching him/her good claw manners, and spend a lot of time just playing. Now is a good time to start with nail trimming too, so he/she can get used to it.

    Having said that, it won’t hurt to start trying some simple tricks now if you can keep his/her attention long enough. I had a cat that could sit, shake, high five, sit pretty (beg), and she knew “no” and “stay” (she actually listened 95% of the time LOL). I taught her most of her tricks using treats as rewards. “No” I taught her by repeating the word as I gently removed her from whatever she was doing wrong. After a while she would just stop what she was doing if I said no in that special tone of voice. “Stay” was kind of the same, except I repeated the word while gently holding her back from going where she shouldn’t go (like into a messy closet or out the front door). She wouldn’t stay long, but she did sit still long enough for me to shut the door or remove whatever she was going after. She was a really smart, cool cat. I hope your kitten turns out the same way.

    Best of luck on your new kitty. I’m sure you’ll be an excellent cat parent.

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