What can i feed a baby kitten besides cat milk?

Question by : What can i feed a baby kitten besides cat milk?
Can i give them plain yogurt? There like 1-2 weeks old

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Answer by AndyEdie H
No. You must give them kitten milk (like KMR) Where is the mom? Bottle feed them if they are that young and watch their weight. Once their milk teeth come in at about 4 to 5 weeks you can give them moistened dry or canned kitten food. I have 9 kittens I am working with now. 4 are age 10 days and their eyes just opened. There is no way they could eat/digest yogurt.

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  1. Pamela D. says:

    Where is the mother cat? That is what they need is mother’s milk not yogurt.

    Take them to a shelter and they will put them with a cat who has had kittens or foster them out to some one who can raise them.
    It is plain to see you don’t know how to raise kittens.

  2. Ariane deR says:

    Here is a link to a site that tells all about how to take care of orphan baby kittens. http://www.kitten-rescue.com
    Right now they need to be fed about every 3 hours, day and night. If they don’t have their mother to nurse from, they need to be bottle fed with something that is as close as possible to the nutrients they would get from her. You can buy some bottles and kitten formula ( a major brand is KMR) in pet supply shops, department stores that have some pet stuff, feed stores etc.

    There are also some recipes online to make your own nutritious kitten formula sometimes called “kitten glop”, lol. Some of these do contain some yoghurt but other ingredients too. Just plain yoghurt would not be enough. and might upset their stomach if they had too much. http://www.hdw-inc.com/glop.htm

  3. PRINTS says:

    Although the kitten formula is expensive, it is the best and won’t cause diahhrea. If you have found them and need something until the morning, maybe the yogurt would work with water mixed in. Put in a little baggie and cut a tiny pinhole in the corner and use for the nipple. In the morning, go to the pet supply store and get KMR formula and kitten bottles. Cut a slit into the end of the nipple. If you are concerned about the cost of the formula, go to a farm supply store and buy a bag of all-breed formula. It is a lot cheaper. Hopefully, it won’t cause diahhrea.

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