Video 34: CUTENESS OVERLOAD!! A dog sleeping with his KITTENS

My dog Murkin loves his kittens! Super cuteness overload! Filmed with a nikon D3100*. For more videos, check out our youtube channel, or find Murkin on Facebook at *corrected, I had originally said it was a nikon D3000 but it was the D3100

25 Responses to “Video 34: CUTENESS OVERLOAD!! A dog sleeping with his KITTENS”

  1. bmysexbudpls says:

    the ginger cat: “yeeeaaaah your head’s a nice place for my bum to go.”

  2. surg23 says:

    I couldn’t resist the urge to snuggle up with them myself. :D

  3. BaptistaMari says:

    That’s one good nap.

  4. MichelleLeeRose says:

    OMFG SOOO cute ^_^

  5. cutemeet says:

    Why can’t life be like this?

  6. thatsmokerwasme says:


  7. malcomino says:

    in the end is sweet

  8. InomOnSkittles says:

    Ginger has no soul!

  9. mark Harris says:

    This is a beautiful video.I do love the wee ginger kitten.

  10. satindesire says:

    I’m suspecting you didn’t know this when you named your absolutely lovely dog, but I wanted to warn you in case you got “weird” looks when you tell people your dog’s name. Merkin is a pubic hair wig. I’m not trolling, I swear, you can look it up. I know it’s spelled slightly differently but I’m guessing the pronunciation is the same? You may want to consider…a nickname…for the puppy. :-)

  11. ditisGEORGE says:

    THE best frends

  12. ASURBANIPAL100 says:

    muy bonitas imagenes y la musica tambien me ha gustado mucho .

  13. CPOSerrano says:


  14. MrKarkulak says:

    Ginger is such a badass

  15. IceFirescar says:

    0:25 TABLE!

  16. KsukiAizawa says:

    That cute orange kitty is ghetto haha xD Stepping on other cats and stuff

  17. pinalo2009 says:

    i love them doing these things: —> not caring much if being stepped on<— try to do that thing in a sleeping/relaxing human and you get nasty physical replies

  18. atinb says:

    Because he cheated on you?

  19. tranle997 says:

    Ahhh T_______________________T
    Don’t even know what to say because “CUTENESS-OVERLOAD” is too mainstream

  20. KilledByLazer says:

    That orange kitten is an asshole

  21. karicherry2010 says:


  22. arezsnzt says:

    very happy endinggggggggg :3

  23. buttercookie420 says:

    Damn it!!! makes me want to punch the wall the get my manliness back..

  24. CheyenneIndienne says:

    WAOUUWWWWWWW ! so tender ! all the tenderness of the world ! Good Good dog !

  25. UTALemonz says:

    What type of dog is that? It’s markings are amazing! I think its a Gold Ret but not sure :P

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