Valor’s Story: An ADLR Street Rescue

This is Valor’s story. It is another example of the work A Dog’s Life Rescue does to save the lives of at homeless animals in Los Angeles. If you’d like to learn more about Valor or ADLR please visit us at Valor is still looking for a home, please contact us at if you’d like to meet him.

13 Responses to “Valor’s Story: An ADLR Street Rescue”

  1. trisha69320 says:

    can we maybe have an update on Valor?i know he was adopted ,id like to see how hes doing now ,

  2. TheMissMeggles says:

    Has he found a home yet? We have had pit bulls for more than thrity years in my family. I would love to have him! What a sweet boy!

  3. spacefrog3 says:

    Valor was adopted to a loving home…

  4. joe bice says:

    We would really love to adopt Valor!! We live in Rome Georgia, yes, I just commented but didn’t leave our e-mail address or anythingOur phone number is 706-463-3268. We will be eagerly awaiting your reply!!! He is beautiful and so thankful you saved him. God gave us animals to take care of and love. You are doing just that! God bless you! Joe and Trisha Bice

  5. joe bice says:

    My wife and I just saw this video of Valor! We would like to know if he has been adopted yet? If not we would really love to him come stay with us in Rome Georgia. We have two chiauauas and six cats all fixed. Let us know please

  6. michlsawyer1 says:


  7. SammysGirl12 says:

    This is amazing. Good for him. Thank you, all of you who helped this dog. God bless.

  8. Ana111395 says:

    You are a wonderful person with a BIG heart and god will give you so much in return love that there people like you that care for animals and give back :)

  9. BaggyBulldogs says:

    Much respect for the rescuers of this dog, he looks so happy and loving in the end of the video. 2much dog (esp. pittbulls) are neglected or abused..seeing stories like this really makes my day

  10. Ahntara123 says:


    *does the Snoopy dance*

  11. danzbutrfly says:

    amazing people….

  12. yony120 says:

    You people are amazing.

  13. pep1275 says:

    Brought me to tears. GOD BLESS YOU!!!

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