My cat has just jumped in the bathtub which was full with bubbles and all for me. I looked away for one minute and found him trying to jump out, grabbed him got him out and immediately tried to dry him which he hated. scratched me to hell and now he’s sulking in his bed trying to clean himself, i don’t know what to do now or how to help him any info is helpful PLEASE
Should i be worried about if he got any of the bubble bath product into his eye’s nose and ears?

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Answer by Hanna
Just leave him alone for a while, he will be ok. A cats curiosity can get them into trouble.

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  1. Laura says:

    Pick the kitty up with a towel, and talk softly to it, and help dry it off. It probably clawed you because it was scared to death. Comfort the kitty just like you would a crying baby, and they will be just fine.

  2. Joanna Rose says:

    Curiosity killed the cat

  3. DancesWithFelines says:

    In our multi-cat family, the first time one of the newbies would “slip or fall or jump” into the bathtub got to be an expected occurrence at some point as they learned about life. It’s frightening for them no doubt, but as long as the water was warm and comfortable and you were there to keep it from drowning everything will be fine. Towel your kitty dry and don’t let it get outside so it could catch a chill while it totally dries and it will be fine. I always marked those accidental events are their “Baptism”. Because I promise, no matter what we do, at some point, they would slip into a bath. I think at this point all have been officially baptized now and probably won’t ever have to go through the experience again! Hug your kitty. Based on your description above…It will be okay! ;o)

  4. Slim Shady says:

    tell him not to jump in the bath again.

  5. Blackcat says:

    Try picking him up gently wait a few minutes if he is very stressed,then wrap him in a towel the main thing that should worry you is if the water was very hot,as obviously he could burn himself,

    but i feel he had a scare more than anything,check his eyes if he is squinting or blinking and even rubbing them,this could mean he has had soap in them and they are irritated,

    if the eyes are sore for him try gently getting some cotton wool dipped in cool clear water and wipe his eyes,this will help rinse away any possible soap that got into them,

    so wrap him in the towel as mentioned and help dry him off,as licking himself is not good as he will swallow the soap bubbles so causing an upset tummy,

    so check his ears too and wipe them with dry cotton wool,i am sure he is fine and he has learnt a valuable lesson,not to leap into the unknown that being a bath tub,extra cuddles are in need now to settle him,hope this helps.

  6. Daisie says:

    he will be okay just give him a towel and let him lick his self dry i have 5 cats and they have all either fell down the toilet or jumped in the bath and he will be okay xx

  7. Feline295Kittens says:

    but, just like, wouldn’t this kind of cat have grown to be feral It was any pussy-cat when it happened to run aside!

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