Unadoptables- Older cat rescued from an animal hoarder’s home hopes for a speedy adoption.

MooMoo, is a cat rescued out of an animal hoarder situation. Since his rescue, MooMoo has recovered from surgery to remove an abscess from his head. Subscribe to The Pet Collective: full.sc Facebook: www.facebook.com Twitter: twitter.com Pinterest: pinterest.com Google+: gplus.to/thepetcollective MooMoo is a sweet older cat who loves to play and is currently up for adoption at The Cat Connection in Sherman Oaks. Segment Producer: Dawn Poomee Associate Producer: Anna Dean Editor: Jeremy Cohen

21 Responses to “Unadoptables- Older cat rescued from an animal hoarder’s home hopes for a speedy adoption.”

  1. 40000ss says:

    Was he adopted?

  2. Prinzess May says:

    MOOMOO IS so cute!!!!!!!!!! I miss my cat!! my cat just died last year!!!!!!he’s been with me like like 4 years or 5 years I think!!!!….

  3. nicolesole3 says:

    Dawwwww moomoo

  4. caprettofreddo says:

    I want him :(

  5. CountrySolitude says:

    Try getting MooMoo adopted by an elderly person who wants a sweet older cat!

  6. TheCrazydude303 says:

    Moomoo could be my cats twin… Same personality and same exact pattern. I saw how it looked like him and came right to this video.

  7. 1AngelsHeart says:

    MooMoo is adorable!!! :) )

  8. Bishoy978 says:

    Great work you’re doing guys for these lovely homeless animals, keep it up :)

  9. Frogz313 says:

    Awwww i love u moomoo

  10. TheEpicArtists says:

    hes a elder kitty with nice fluffy fur! <3 :D

  11. ThePetCollective says:

    That’s great, we love adopted pets!

  12. black4pienus says:

    moomoo is so cute! my cat was 6 years old, almost 7, when I got him from a shelter. he’s so sweet and funny. I love him and it also feels really good to give an animal from a shelter a loving home. I wouldn’t want it any other way :)

  13. KairiMcEwin says:


  14. SexyyLexiiee says:

    I really would adopt him! Moo Moo is so cute! But I have to give my cat away soon because we can’t afford pet deposits. ):

  15. gibbsmamma1 says:

    we already have allot of animals, but i still could love so many more!!

  16. elhunt24 says:

    MooMoo ;) 

  17. iaiinthefacee says:


  18. TheFuzzyGumdrop says:

    aww that cat is just the cutest thing!

  19. Kim Ji Jin says:


  20. xxXXNaTuSsKaXXxx says:

    I want to adopt him so, so much! Shame I live in the UK;/

  21. techbeek says:

    MooMoo seems like an awesome cat. I’m so glad he is out of that terrible situation. Hoarders…SMH

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