Ultra Kawaii – Odd Pet Pairs

Get ready for another episode of adorable team-ups. Remember our Interspecies Friendship episode? Well, how about some even crazier cute pairings? Puppies and lizards? Cats and Cockatiels? We’ve got it all. Check it out and be sure to leave a comment letting us know your favorites! Thanks to all the cute puppies and funny cats featured in this episode! Noisette and Tigger, Showshoe, Turtle, Bo and George, Cash & Pico, Veve & Peanut, Genuine, Oliver & Jasper, Horse & Dane, Fabian & Annabella, Bicus & Kiwi, Aurora & Ash, Cow & Lake, E Bass’s Pets, Bruiser, Vito & Sinatra, Barney & Bonnie, Dave’s Monkey, Loud Mouth Sr’s Cute Pairs, Sophie & Bunny, UC Shiva, Oreo & Pixie, Buddie & Capone, Rani & Kaley, Shiba & Kitty, Diesel & Ashlee, and Alvin. (Check out UltraKawaii.com for All Pet Links!)
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “Ultra Kawaii – Odd Pet Pairs”

  1. CARISSAAZZ says:


  2. deparismd43 says:

    très très mignon bien heureuse de connaitre ton blog

  3. SuperGriko says:

    Eep! I forgot to say ‘thank you’! *facepalm*
    … thank you! xD

  4. phillystar318 says:

    You’r Welcome for bringing it up! :3

  5. SuperGriko says:

    Iye! I didn’t know what that was, so I looked it up…
    Sweetest darn thing I’ve ever seen. ; u ;

  6. phillystar318 says:

    That also looks like Doki and Nabi from There she is!!!

  7. phillystar318 says:

    Noisette and Tigger remind me of Doki and Nabi

  8. 29Miktrish says:

    VEVE AND PEANUT!!! I have a rabbit!!

  9. obsidianwing says:

    Tigger ( R.I.P.) and Noisette

  10. 891citation says:

    Horse and Dane seem to be having relationship problems

  11. TheOscar0 says:

    my friend has more pets than that he has 3 monkeys 6 dogs 4 parrots 2 cats 1 turtle 4 horses and a snake and pig

  12. SuperGriko says:

    I love 2:14! x3

  13. Soprannomi says:

    veve & peanut!!!

  14. Thecoolgirls123 says:


  15. catperson1993 says:

    HAHA, I have a odd pet pairing my cat, Sylvester and my dog, sabrina…XD lol

  16. shasha2727 says:

    man i have a huge 48 inch iguana and 3 dogs
    vito and sinatra were my fav

  17. xsweetsong14 says:

    aww, this is soo cute. <3 Cash & Pico was my fav. =]

  18. Relda999 says:

    tu tu cute…

  19. wardrak says:

    veve & peanut FTW!!

  20. anythingrymes says:

    lol why even bother saying kawaii why not just say cute?

  21. dugongyogurt says:

    Chicks with Kitten!

  22. EdnaAtNutro says:

    Hi, this is Edna with Nutro/Greenies.
    My favorite is Cash and Pico, and Showshoe runs a very close second!
    Thanks for another cute Ultra Kawaii video! :-D

  23. BurstingWithFlavour says:

    veve and peanut, hands down.

  24. joeyloey9 says:

    OMG! Bonnie and barney were ULTRA KAWAII~ XD

  25. dawgys4ever12345 says:


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