Tortoise Riding—-MoM!

I Have Nothing to say ON this…….Sorry This is a song I have been working on for several weeks. The concept came instantly but filling in the blanks took some time. I wanted to do it as a backyard Folk song, but the weather would not cooperate. Noah had some problems with the weather too. My next idea was to do it inside with greenscreen but I like it better without any distractions. Lyrics; Noah was a fella, Who needed an umbrella, And I wonder if he were around today, Would he consult with his psychologist and a Tv meteorologist, If he thought perhaps a storm was on the way, Would he hitch up a pair of mules, Or would he opt for power tools, I wonder what old Noah would do, If he foresaw some changing weather, Would he tweet it all on Twitter, Or would he just quietly keep making his wooden zoo? Would he harness two mosquitos, And two orangutans and cheetas, Would he bring some zebras in on buses, Would he get two owls so wise and a pair of blue tail flies, And some platypusses and hippopotomuses, Would he go North or travel East with his noisy jumgle beasts, I’ll give him my best advice, No matter what the cost, Noah you won’t get lost, If you invest in a GPS device, Take a gander at that moose, Take a gander take a goose, Will the fleas be in the same room as the kittens, Will the centipedes and spiders be considered first class riders, Will the roaches be told to stay out of the kitchen, Will the hyenas be displeased as they ride the stormy seas, Or will they just laugh it off and

35 Responses to “Tortoise Riding—-MoM!”

  1. LyleVertigo says:

    The dislikes must be petatards.

  2. andylam73 says:

    it is. how can turtle of that size be ridden with a woman of that weight. she is very sick and cruel to animal.

  3. NielsJuhh1994 says:

    1 question… WHY ARE U NOT IN THE KITCHEN!

  4. GaolisVideoLog says:

    Isn’t this animal cruelty or so? Just asking.

  5. eterpe1 says:

    i like turtles !!!!!!

  6. JUKIO01 says:

    i want a turtle slave too! man, just imagine riding that turtle down the street, all pimped out and shit. cops chasing me, they got nothing!! cause i got turtle power!!

  7. offendyourself says:

    Wish I had one of those!

  8. comusfield says:

    I once saw, in some old British documentary, TWO bathing beauty girls riding the same tortoise. It’s legs were working away, scraping the sand, but it was simply unable to move or get its legs to function properly because the combined weight of the two young women—I would guess around 260-275 pounds—was just too much for it.
    The girls were laughing like crazy.
    They thought it was a terrific joke.
    I found it pretty damn sexy, to tell the truth.

  9. alkhandro4 says:

    very nice

  10. fawnpaw says:


  11. Featureman says:

    One of my best friends is named Noah. Great name. Thanks.

  12. Migetman44 says:

    My name is Noah O.o

  13. Featureman says:

    Thank you. That’s a great name.

  14. CEOkinawa says:

    my brothers name is Noah. I play this when I get mad at him.

  15. Featureman says:


  16. CEOkinawa says:


  17. Featureman says:

    Thank you. You have some great videos.

  18. Featureman says:

    Thank you.

  19. faz40 says:

    Great song, well done sir !!. Please check out some of my songs and God willing it would be great to make some music together. God bless!

  20. Featureman says:

    Thank you.

  21. VidiMeniVisi2 says:

    real nice, shred on fb :) thx :) !

  22. Featureman says:


  23. xXTHEXxxXSACKXx says:

    i like this song

  24. Featureman says:

    Thank you very much.

  25. sgtcarlsonswife says:

    awesome! I’m including this in our “noah” bible lesson for my kids!! soooo creative!!

  26. Featureman says:

    Thanks. Your random video is funny. I hope you make many more.

  27. jaredgoestoschool says:



  28. Featureman says:


  29. Featureman says:


  30. MrDeCorey says:

    Grate song Outstanding Performance!!!!!!!!!

  31. Featureman says:

    Thanks. It is one of my favorite songs of my originals.

  32. frasierfreak92 says:

    This is a really awesome song, I wish I could write songs like that.

  33. Featureman says:

    Thank you.

  34. gigantes1966 says:

    most excellent. bravo. i really enjoyed the understated humor and recurring touches of “johnny.”

  35. Featureman says:


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