Three Little Kittens (bizarre 1933 Van Beuren cartoon classic)

Here’s a treat for fans of the Golden Age of animation. It may be a Van Beuren studio cartoon…? Imdb says John Foster directed it. Perhaps an expert out there knows. One thing is certain, however—-do not mess with these three cute li’l kitties. They mercilessly attack the villainous fat rat and actually kill him off at the end of the picture (on camera). Enjoy!
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Sheba became mother!!!! That was suprise to us because Matis the male lynx was only 22 months old. Male lynxes reach sexsual maturity at the age of three.

45 Responses to “Three Little Kittens (bizarre 1933 Van Beuren cartoon classic)”

  1. MetroidKidIcarus says:


  2. MrGONZILA84 says:


  3. fourpoiint0h says:

    who the fuck brad and sarah?

  4. poposhka123 says:

    how is this bizzare? Have you guys seen yugioh?

  5. abridgedfanboy says:

    I was sent here by the prospect of an animated I Spit on your Grave sequel! XD

  6. thecinemasnob says:

    I was sent here by me. =)

  7. Kodocha7 says:

    brad and sarah brought me here

  8. jesusnthedaisychain says:

    Yeah, after the kitten started messing with him by pulling his tail.

  9. AlbinoTanuki says:

    Yeah, but didn’t that rat try to put one of the kittens through a meat slicer?

  10. hurmpfff says:

    yes, the perfect killing machine that is the cat does have the best defense too. being to cute to kill for what it is… i love cats :)

  11. arbitor365 says:

    pause around 6:34

  12. StarMan831 says:

    To be fair, all that black kitten did initially was pull his tail, and the rat decided to kill him for it, and it can assumed they were siblings so of course they would be protective of each other. But yeah it went bit farther than necessary.

  13. StarMan831 says:

    Ain’t no kill like overkill.

  14. liltetra says:

    Damn you Cinema Snob. Gosh that poor Rat, Didn’t stand a chance. They need their ass beat.

  15. CHCHuser says:

    I was sent here by the Cinema Snob.

  16. jesusnthedaisychain says:

    That rat was just minding his own business. The kittens started this fight. That’s what’s most disturbing. It’s a cartoon version of a gang initiation.

  17. aateehoo says:

    is it even sure the rat died? it’s stuck on fly paper and got a shoe thrown on him but he could be just knocked out. the only quite disturbing scene is the saw.

  18. aateehoo says:

    is it even sure the rat died? it’s stuck on fly paper and got a shoe thrown on him but he could be just knocked out. the only quite disturbing scene is the saw.

  19. ZyxthePest says:

    Cinema Snob brought me here.

    Poor Sarah lol.

  20. nintendofan22 says:

    Creepy as heck much?

  21. PavelDragunov says:

    Hahahahaha!!! That was awesome, I was just worried bout the kitties being okay o_o, rats are disgusting vermin fucker got whats was comin to em. Hooray kittens! If that poor lil kitty had gotten hurt by the saw then I’d be offended, but as it stands I fail to see anything disturbing about this at all.

  22. zsquaresoff says:

    This is how Jerry should’ve been treated by Tom :P

  23. metalmugen says:

    the music keeps getting more and more out of control as the story progresses ,. by the end of the video is like it does not give a fuck

    fucking disturbing

  24. MidmorningCat says:

    …other than the cigars and the noose thing- the cigars only because they are little kittens, and thus babies- I don’t really find anything too gruesome or terrible about this cartoon… lol I guess for the time, of course, it was terrible, but my only basis for comparison is many decades later, with the cartoon Tom and Jerry. Many a cigar, many a noose… much more violent. Bah, I dunno. This didn’t strike me as horrible as my friend made it out to be lol

  25. RMCultOfficial says:

    where the hell is the mama cat during the entire show??!?!?!

  26. lavigne1395 says:

    shes not only a lynx then but also a cougar cuz if i recall she was also the one cleaning his butt and a kitten. lol XD

  27. firemon82 says:

    how do u acquire one? I REALLY want one when im older

  28. JudyWonn says:

    don’t you have to have like a licens to own them?? They are absolutly gorgeous, I want some when i’m older, but how do you accquire them?

  29. bernard240vdc says:

    i have had the chance to witness kittens being born this only happens if the mother has a lot of trust in someone i guess she trusted me enough i even have videos of kittens being born cats know if you truly love them i am a feline fanatic truly thanks for your videos

  30. arleteli says:

    Yes male lynx spray.I have never bitten by any of them,dont know about other lynxes.

  31. Zblj1987 says:

    Thank you for the fast reply :) I really like lynxs :D Do they spray or bite?

  32. arleteli says:

    She is about 3,5 years old

  33. Zblj1987 says:

    How old is Sheba?

  34. itainteazy11 says:

    too bad that isnt a leopard

  35. XUltra00 says:

    wow simply beautiful
    i’m just in love with leopards!

  36. Blazethunderhawk says:

    You’re alive!
    How cute ^^ Congrats to Sheba

  37. HeyLookaSquirrel says:

    oh wow!
    are you going to raise them as pets or try to introduce them to the wild?
    what an amazing experience, I hope I can have something similar some day

  38. BASSDIVA22 says:

    congratulations. i love watching your videos. babies in the house. you are soooo lucky

  39. random4life1996 says:


  40. RomanSedlak says:

    Oh lord:) i love you kittehs!:) so beautiful:)

  41. mhmmKATIE says:

    she only had two? or the others didn’t make it :(

  42. 2degucitas says:

    Absolutely beautiful! Nature found a way, and more of these lovely creatures grace the planet.

  43. vincecharus says:


  44. Spikeey says:

    The only good feline is really a dead cat

  45. KittensBabeNavin says:

    Excellent of course to discover the particular kitties. Content

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