Three Little Kittens

These kittens were rescued at 2 weeks old. A landscaping company turned on thier mulch making machine, the fellow heard a noise and quickly shut it down, sadly, the mother was killed, he waited for her to return, hoping he was wrong, and she had been out hunting, since these are wild cats. No sign of her……………………………………:( Long story short, we took them to a rescue shelter, Ferranti K-9 and Feline Rescue in CT. They had a ferral mother cat, that had nursed 4 litters of orphan kittens, so the kittens were saved. We almost lost the gray tiger, he was very sick and had a bad eye infection, but was nursed back to health. I brought them home on June 15th, to send two to thier forever homes, and we Kept the gray/white tiger boy, named Chipper, as a tribute to his Mamma losing her life.
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  1. marlenelaravillegas says:

    deir so cute´╗┐

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