This Week in Mad Men: Season 5 Premiere (A Little Kiss)

TIME JUMP We left the characters in October of ’65 and rejoin them just after Memorial Day weekend, 1966, about 7 months later. Betty was totally absent; we see the outside of her new home and that’s it. (Echoes of the pilot, in which Betty also wasn’t featured.) Does this feel a bit like a reboot? A lot of the big concerns of last season – Don’s relationship with Dr. Miller, Betty’s crumbling marriage, the potential for SCDP to go under entirely – are no longer a pressing concern. Now we’re exploring new relationships in a new era. BIG THEME: WE’VE SHIFTED FROM ’50s TO ’60s MODE Evident in everything from the clothes (much more mod, especially now that the younger Megan is a main character) to the musical references to the cultural references. Pete’s new anti-smoking shift and exclamation of “no more drinks!” Roger now completely out of place, but refusing to leave. Hints of civil rights playing a larger role this season. (Perhaps with no Carla on the show, this is Weiner’s way of introducing a new black character?) THE SURPRISE PARTY Ken goes to “smoke some tea” on the terrace with the band. Reintroduction again of pot as demonstrative of characters exploring outside their comfort zone. Ken, the eternal optimist, isn’t threatened. (Implication that the whole party may have got stoned, in Slate Magazine’s blog post. Leading to Harry’s paranoia, Peggy’s loose tongue, etc. Thoughts?) Megan gives “her own present” to Don: a rendition of Zou Bizou Bizou. The song was
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39 Responses to “This Week in Mad Men: Season 5 Premiere (A Little Kiss)”

  1. ubuibme says:

    i don’t understand why this comment “has received too many negative votes.” is everyone unaware that yes, Peggy had an abortion. there is nothing inappropriate or offensive about this comment, people.

  2. ubuibme says:

    yes, Peggy had an abortion.

  3. monokhem says:

    Just because Joan used race bating to screw with her X’s girlfriend doesn’t mean she doesn’t like black people. It means she’s a bitch to her x boyfriends new girlfriends.

  4. strongerthanallgtr says:

    mike mccread y said mad season is looking for a new singer… i got into a top notch studio and recorded a cover of lifeless dead and made a tribute artsy music video.. would love to hear what you think

  5. Wolfegag says:


  6. lttlmc3 says:

    Because they keep losing the young ones to marriage!

  7. wpc1013 says:

    Peggy saying she can’t hold the baby because her hands are dirty = unconscious reference to her abortion 

  8. greekre says:


  9. deenclassic says:

    am very excited to have you guys back again!!

  10. andreaball says:

    btw why are all the secretaries old now!?

  11. andreaball says:

    What was Roger’s job before anyway? He only handled Lucky Strike?

  12. andreaball says:

    Nice Lon!

  13. bonnertom032 says:

    Finally! What’s it been, almost two years?

  14. JohnnyHands says:

    Closing song “theory”: singer for both songs was white British “soul singer” Dusty Springfield. My take: with the negro protest group outside the SCDP lobby doors and the partners scrambling, Layne Price took the lead on the decision to actually hire one of them. The choice of a British singer was part of the symbolism: Layne’s own un-bias, and a thank you to ex-girl Toni Charles, maybe? Don’t forget Mr. Polito’s pocket stuffing reward thank you to Layne, “this is the way we do things here.”

  15. katzlatz says:

    i have recived the cat version on facebook and its soooooooooooo cute!!!!

  16. 124566Rrg says:

    the cutest thing i sniggled with is my kitten like right now

  17. revvinevan014 says:

    fuck advertisement on youtube. fuck them

  18. TabithaStarr says:

    The cutest thing(s) I’ve ever snuggled with are my 3 neices! (=

  19. ShaDow9167 says:

    sliding dog ftw!

  20. CclaudiaaNelly2 says:


  21. kbeck96 says:

    My kitten when he was all wrapped up in my l’il sisters blankie!! :)

  22. Park9999love says:

    that would be me

  23. ZombiiexTeam says:


  24. alchemylegend says:

    Isn’t that guy in the Conan picture the homosexual guy from Modern Family?

  25. TylerLav118118 says:

    My Teletubbie Po when I was younger,my 5 year old American Cocker Spaniel more or less my arms very comfortable

  26. osemudiame123 says:

    cough your mom cough cough

  27. MissaMissa101 says:

    I love how the dogs face when he is getting squished in between them. So cute.

  28. Br1ttneyY0ung says:

    @SCOTTaMINUTE i wouldn’t mind snugglin’ up with you Scott! ;D

  29. TheBapps says:

    the cutiest thing i ever snuggled with is my wife!

  30. Wrestlingthemeremix says:

    Your mom :D

  31. KayleighFool says:

    i can never keep myself from singing the outro

  32. rossodinho08 says:


  33. DecodedVampire says:

    My plushies! Yes, I’m 15 and still love plush toys! ^w^

  34. Cascharina says:

    a baby pug

  35. ultimatescarlet says:

    ok this will sound really weird but … my guitar … yeah i was eight and i just bough it lol


    my girlfriend :) :P

  37. Sleepyhead84 says:

    a great dane!

  38. AliciaFina says:

    Love your dog. Want to steal him/her. Huskies = amazing.

  39. Boudii0001 says:

    My girlfriend

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