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Video Rating: 4 / 5

26 Responses to “THIS IS GREAT”

  1. itzkrystal007 says:

    He has two different shirts
    Or I’m just seeing stuff

  2. Imsoaddicted2you says:

    I think this is great

  3. CKSpoiler says:

    This isn’t great. YOU AM GREAT :]

  4. Shortysingeraddition says:

    this………….greaaat :D

  5. MsToriGirlRox says:

    this is great becuz this was on my birthday

  6. Redbulldog98 says:

    i like the part where he says this is great :D

  7. superkayla13 says:

    you and officialBAMF should do another video together!

  8. MadzAndMeghz96 says:

    This looks really familiar.

  9. FredYOM says:

    How do you make the kittens move

  10. Redbulldog98 says:

    I think you got that from sponge bob bubble buddy.

  11. Dreathrevolution says:


  12. tobiosnmakky says:

    i wish i was that enthusiastic all the time huh

  13. DavidGlact says:



  14. YaticTV says:

    I like the part when you say “This is great”

  15. Redbulldog98 says:

    I think you got that line from spongebob bubble buddy……….. :P

  16. AllDayEverieDay says:

    Thanks danny, you gave my pet lama a heart attack from laughing to hard while doing sit ups….Well this is great…

  17. RawrRufus says:

    I liked the part when you said, “this is great”

  18. ExplodingMelons says:

    it takes skill to change your shirt before you finish saying “this is great” :D

  19. CoolerThanLizzie says:

    You are great. :D and so random, I loves it.

  20. autumnflower18 says:

    I like all of your random shirts Danny lol <3

  21. Kayakp says:

    Sexy mustache danny :) 

  22. hanakimi19 says:

    Comment “Velvet covered sausage wallet” on my channel and recieve a free cookie. I’m bored…. o_o

  23. here4fun9 says:


  24. laptoplover101 says:

    lol wtf nicce <3 it

  25. Kooper1090 says:

    great kitten along with delighted he earned it lower

  26. NancieyNanci258 says:

    My kitten Lambert is FIV constructive

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