these little kittens need homes!

We’re 5 weeks old on June 4th. Our mom was a feral cat who left us under an air conditioner. We’ve been living inside with this nice family and two doggies for a week and we’re learning so fast! We’re already litter box trained and eating solid food in addition to milk replacer. We’d really like to go to a home with another animal for us to snuggle with. Or if you can take two or all of us, that would be great! These people would love to keep us forever, but most of them are allergic.
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Recorded on March 30, 2012 using a Flip Video camcorder.

3 Responses to “these little kittens need homes!”

  1. TheAlex24A says:

    but they probaly have homes now

  2. TheAlex24A says:

    i would love to have the kittens but we already have 2 kittens we are really sorry

  3. potterlookalikeables says:

    This is so so cute! This should have more comments and views! I love it its so so cute (: Thanks for doing this (:

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