The ZOMBIE Defence Part 2

By Lewishudson01 With a ray gun in his hand, can “Pedigree Kitten” push the zombies back? Part of the “ZOMBIE Defence” Trilogy
Video Rating: 4 / 5

12 Responses to “The ZOMBIE Defence Part 2”

  1. jimmy7018 says:

    Why do you guys take kills

  2. funnyman1091 says:


  3. funnyman1091 says:

    would it be cool if this had lightsabers zombie dismemberment!!!!!!!

  4. LegoDrummer3000 says:

    my highest round is 22 on der reise and i got it a week ago

  5. LegoDrummer3000 says:

    flamethrower is crap

  6. 50zedy says:

    lol at 1:56 the zombie turned away to a different window cause he was scared of you

  7. skysamy1 says:


  8. DeadlyDefoe says:

    every1 i found a glitch myself on this zombie map it gets u a good gun every time (not the golden ? 1)
    i get the flamethrower on my first go every time (well almost) add me on the ps3 if u want to no it
    psn: narutoninjanat

  9. RocketCows says:

    and ur welcome for that tip, lt

  10. LordTriclops says:

    u r welcome, and an eiser way to get to everything is to go to the first couch, now ur upstairs, move the next one, and never open the help door. this way two people cover the stairs, and the others cover the windows and wall. this tactic only lets zombies come from 5 diffrent areas

  11. LordTriclops says:

    if you want some advice, when the ?marks on the box are gold the chance of getting a flame thrower is higher

  12. TheGamerOnlineTR says:

    dude why wud u use ray gun @ lv 6????

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