The tribute to Katya’s first litter

This is a tribute to the first pregnancy of Katya. she’s one of the most affectionate and kind kitties I’ve ever had.she had a bad time before coming to my house.actually she’s the first daughter of my gray tomcat Bijhu.when she was 6weeks old I sold her to a lady that was absolutely mad for Katya.she lived a luxurious life till her6th month, but the owner got pregnant , and from that moment Katya’s bad time began.the lady started keeping Katya in a very small balcony for weeks , not letting her come inside the house saying that”my mother in-law and friends say that a cat affects the embryo inside me in a bad way.” I tried a lot to convince her that all this beliefs are just nonsenses. I even sent many articles from Net to her trying to assure her that both vets and specialist doctors have been declaring that in the case you keep your cat in a hygienic situation , he/she wont make any problem for the newborn or the mom. but she just didn’t want to accept it. Katya was kept in the balcony for 3 months during autumn and winter . eventually one day she(the owner) gave me a ring saying that “I’m about to give birth any time and I’m gonna give Katya up to you and if you don’t accept her anything can happen to her!” I couldn’t believe that this is the same lady who used to adore Katya! though I already had 3 cats I took her in . at first she was so aggressive and tense, but gradually she got so much loving . then she mated with my other tomcat Napoleon and gave birth to 5
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25 Responses to “The tribute to Katya’s first litter”

  1. zamzamirrazi says:

    the father is flatface… the mom is dollface… then the kittens are all flatface?? wow.. they are not pure anymore right? because they are mix

  2. DivineRider1988 says:

    Thank you for taking care of that cat!

  3. belgobrasil says:

     thanks a lot!

  4. Cheepcheepdude123 says:

    Pic at 2:38 just melts my heart… Give Katya a kiss for me!

  5. soheiljerusalem says:


  6. belgobrasil says:

    nice song…which group is that?

  7. noodsedky says:

    DID the people missed the dislike button 3 times? :D

  8. Elliotmercury says:

    Estampie – Ben e Crudele

  9. sergpk9 says:


  10. bocajeyn says:

    Hi I was wondering what the name of the song was?

  11. MonkeyMoviesr says:

    that’s so awesome. Hundreds of cats are killed every single day, and here you are, making more, instead of adopting those that need a home! NICE

  12. TheAlexis4444 says:

    cute mom and cute kittens…

  13. Marytbag says:

    I never seen any thing like this before! It’s just amazing and I wish i could of seen them now!!!!

  14. ilikewiigames says:

    music is so annoying

  15. franknblunt says:

    Such a good kitty mommy. A variety of coats and even one that looks just like mommy.

  16. fairymontrainer says:

    ah the miracle of life

  17. jmorrowbel says:

    I’m always afraid to sell kittens to young ladies who are of child bearing age, this happens much too often. But new babies are very demanding, and it is a sad fact that pets usually end up suffering in the end. Those that manage to keep it all together have a good support system at home.

  18. thefimbulvetr says:

    What’s the song?

  19. Manateecutie says:

    That story of Kaitya before you got her again was so sad.
    every IDIOT knows that you can’t kick out a cat just all of a sudden!

  20. shoelover57 says:

    This is a beautiful video of new life, How sweet to see all that is before me, I don’t often see a mother cat with her new born babies, Thankyou for sharing this lovely video, 100*********

  21. chloe7829 says:

    Katya is a great mom, she seems to love her babies. Be sure to love her too, she is just too beautiful.

  22. Calamba2008 says:

    So cute! I have a cat named Katya, too!

  23. mokeyterny says:

    Cruelty shouldn’t be excused by any means.

  24. 1Nayla1 says:

    Hormones change the way you think ,takes a month or longer before your emotion goes back to normal after pregnancy,so im sure the previous owner of katya will regrett her desicion.
    +at some point your child loves to have a pet in the family.

  25. 1Nayla1 says:

    i was pregnant irl too but kept my too cats.
    of course they’re quite old so they can’t transmit toxaplasmose.

    Although i have to admitt the ranking has shifted in our family.

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