The Ozzy Project – A Cat With Leukemia

I made this video to help make people more aware of Feline Leukemia, it is a terrible disease that is spread from cat to cat (not humans). If you take a cat in from the outdoors please take it to the vet as soon as possible to have it tested for Feline Leukemia and other diseases. Cats who have this disease will die a very slow painful death and spread it to other cats who will then die the same fate. Cats who are outdoor-cats should get the Feline Leukemia vaccination to protect them from contracting this disease. If you have cats at home they can contract this disease from an infected cat through exchange in saliva, fur, and by sharing a litter-box together. There is no cure for Feline Leukemia, and though some adult cats who carry this disease have been known to live with it their whole lives and then die of something else, can still spread it to other cats, –and kittens who contract this disease will die within a few months. If you have a cat who has this disease the best option, in my opinion, is to have it put to sleep. There is no cure, and allowing a cat to suffer through it I believe is cruel.
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7 Responses to “The Ozzy Project – A Cat With Leukemia”

  1. Lamya1192 says:

    i do believe this cameraman is actually his lover

  2. SanCatsLinette146 says:

    i am fairly in opposition to cutting down on any pet cats fingernails or toenails

  3. MaceyTastic115 says:

    the kitten Santa’s Little Helper right now uses my bed as a scratch write-up

  4. MotoSiam1738 says:

    dad is actually dyspathetic to russian white cats and kittens

  5. DenyseygmaDenyse says:

    Since you acquired your cat from the housing, Our god simply is aware what conditon the lady was at after they bought your ex. The girl may just need some further TLC to produce her a little stronger. Most definately try a new scientif in case the girl doesn’t clear up.

  6. Kitt3n5VenueJazzmin says:

    My partner and i found this kind of on the Jay Leno show as well as everytime Cleaning it once a to attend sleeping, just about all I can think of seemed to be this asian semi longhair kitten spread bald eagle

  7. NayborNasri1179Cats says:

    our pet Strega happened to run apart

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