The Kitten Mittens: First Paying Gig

Our band hits the road. My frustration comes from Tery’s persistently dropping power level, despite her apparently intense concentration — mostly due to her refusal to use the bass pedal. Nevertheless, we ARE having fun. When Tery drinks enough wine, she stops noticing my nagging. It’s a convenient arrangement. I’d also like the record to reflect that she’s not ready for medium. We performed a second song, which had to be cut for length and for not being nearly as funny as the first. It will later go in the deleted scenes on the DVD release. I have our career path meticulously plotted out, I assure you.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

2 Responses to “The Kitten Mittens: First Paying Gig”

  1. grrgoyl says:

    LOL Thanks

  2. 3tooth says:

    best band name off all time.

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