The Dog Named Kitty Song

me and my friend sarahs song we made when we were in kindergarten
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5 Responses to “The Dog Named Kitty Song”

  1. lalala6636 says:

    LOL.. i have a beastly bull mastiff named kitty.. and she loves yarn!

  2. chillyrox4949 says:

    um, we didn’t have to change my voice or sarahs i didn’t even know her in kindergarten and we made that song in 6th grade (don’t worry we were bored at the time)

  3. awesomesportsfan1 says:

    sarah and marissa this is wierd

  4. ss20goku says:

    i wanna cat! =( but my dog (bela) would kill it
    and my dads allergic to them =(

  5. CampingROX says:

    very cute

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