The cutest sleeping and dreaming Ragdoll kittens on Youtube (4 weeks old). Part 1.

Dollizzyous Toetje en Dollizzyous Minoes sleeping on their back very cute.

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28 Responses to “The cutest sleeping and dreaming Ragdoll kittens on Youtube (4 weeks old). Part 1.”

  1. Alleenmaarleuknieuws says:

    @dauxanh2 Thank you for the nice comments! Those kittens are 2 of the 5 from the last breed in 2009. They all have their own personality indeed. Those two kittens we kept from this breed and are planned to get baby’s too in the future.

  2. dauxanh2 says:

    Ragdoll are nice laid back cats but I must say your cats have personality plus, they are very friendly and extra easy going, I love it ! Are these your new kittens ? I browsed your website but it’s not easy to understand.

  3. animefreak380 says:

    @TripleDDDvideos.. I do agree with you but lets not escalate the issue. That dude must have a good reason to put out that comment. Relax…

  4. animefreak380 says:

    Although I’m a cat lover, I personally think that dogs are cute in their own way. Even though my religion prevents me from having a dog, there are a few breeds that I like.

  5. TripleDDDVideos says:

    Dogs are just as good as cats you fuckin dickhead.

  6. TheGamerchick1989 says:

    My cat does the same thing any time we are petting him….its to the point where we have to have drool rag on us when he is in our laps or laying on our chest

  7. EmmaAnime96 says:

    My cat drools too but only when I pet her XD I pet her today and it was like, Strings of drool hanging from her mouth cause she was on my lap

  8. stickydisgust says:

    Get a fuckin’ job.

  9. thebarbiewithmuscle says:

    Oh shit, sir Isaac is is broken, he’s body got screwed on the wrong way around! He’s upperbody is pointing at his ass, LOL

  10. Amber75 says:

    He is perfect!

  11. herrgreenhorn says:

    so cute

  12. dannysmokes73 says:

    cats rule.people who choose dogs over cats are insecure and most of the time latently homosexual.not that theres a problem with that, im just sayin.i love sir much personality.its freaking hilarious.

  13. stalcupaam says:

    ROFL!!!! Seriously though, he is a beautiful kitty. Gorgeous coloring.

  14. txscootybooty says:

    Cat drool! YUK!!!!

  15. BeautySpotlight says:

    LMAO!! he is so precious, how can u stand it?!!!

  16. themrprincessgg says:


  17. slupine says:

    We used to have a cat that drooled a lot worse than that. LOL Every time he relaxed at ALL, drooled like a mastiff.

  18. MsFarzee says:

    nice kitty. :-)

  19. littletigger17 says:

    i just wanna squeeze him and touch his nose :D

  20. susan0606 says:

    how do you not just cuddle him all day long… so cute xx

  21. greengreyeyes28 says:

    My Chloe was a drooler. We called her Droolie Andrews!

  22. ginabinawina99 says:

    @jonmactal LOLOLOL

  23. TheIkitta says:

    I can’t get over his cuteness! <3

  24. giuliana33 says:

    OMG!!! he is sooooooo cute!!! ^_^

  25. chulawendie says:

    How could you film that without laughing and waking him up! Very sweet! Love this :)

  26. kokolaroo says:

    OMG I LOVE him!! I have a drooler in the family as well ;-P…..just got a brood of little foster babies. They’re feral so much more work than usual but loving every minute of it!! xoxo

  27. ginabinawina99 says:

    @Pi1ipa1a ahaha!! we call it “pulling an isaac”

  28. CatsClearDior1706 says:

    We grew up with kittens and cats, however developed an allergic reaction to completely new felines

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