The Blood Vlogs: Killer Cat and Dead Hamsters (Day 167)

12/27/10 We came home to a gruesome scene. Which prompted a great Jeromy and Zach signature story. *SUBSCRIBE* Stay Scary and Enjoy ____________________________________________________________________________ **The Blood Vlogs follow The Bloodshed Brothers through a year of being a home haunter. Letting Halloween consume their everyday life they invite you along for the ride. Welcome to the first daily Halloween Vlog on Youtube** Go check out our our non haunt vlogs here Matt and Wes Vs. The Zombie Apocalypse Website: Facebook Twitter:

13 Responses to “The Blood Vlogs: Killer Cat and Dead Hamsters (Day 167)”

  1. northrad says:

    looking a the video again…you could see the fish moving when you zoomed hehe

  2. northrad says:

    That Hamster story was soo funny. Throwing you under the bus with teacher…tisk tisk …low down…live with your folks till your 40 to get back at them.

  3. YARDHAUNTER5 says:

    Too cool! Our dog almost ate one of our birds a few months ago. And our cat keeps bringing mice she cought into the house to play with them and slap them around.

  4. dionicia12 says:

    I was thinking about what you said about your mom killing those hamsters and you could have a get out of trouble card (kinda like get out of jail free card) for that one.

    If you do something really bad, you could say, “This is not as bad as when Mom killed the hamsters”.

    On second thought, she may pull the crying Mom card though which of course will voids all free rides cause your Dad will pull the I’m gonna kick your butt card.

    Still, it has a small chance of working. :)

  5. aelievense says:

    Holy shit! I can’t believe that fish was alive. I was opening up another tab to send Marissa my condolences on facebook, and I hear you guys shout “HE’S ALIVE!!!” I was not expecting that. However, I would liken you two to Dr. Frankenstein, not Jesus.

  6. Triv27 says:

    You know what? I think that you guys should find your preschool teacher and make your mother call and apologize for killing the hamsters…

  7. SuperGrandisle says:

    I had a hamster around when i was in 1st grade! One i day i was just sitting around the house and my little brother said i gave hamster a bath. And it was in the kitchen bathroom and we dont have a shower in there…… So i walked in and the thing was floating in the toilet.

  8. funjake420 says:

    love the mom and hamster storie guys made my day.. keep up the good work

  9. JHMDF says:

    OOOOWOWWOWW!!! Plugging into the computer hurts… I usually use a lube for that. Great story, and your cat was hilarious checking out the crime scene afterwords like a classic murderer.

    ….cat are smarter Jeremy… don’t let the kitty here you say otherwise… next time it might be you and not the fish.

  10. HalloweenHellmouth says:

    Now we know what to get ya’ll for next Christmas. LOL!

  11. ShadowNinjaGhost says:

    :D lol It said Katherine. But anyways I’m glad you guys liked it. :3

  12. RoboHamster26 says:

    HEllo Jesus how are you today lol
    Thanks for the story very entertained thank you so much

  13. CatsShimonTman says:

    Shelters can possess several very horrible germs. That does not suggest that you ought not take up at a refuge, however.

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