The Beatles – “Beatles For Sale” Bloopers Medley (EMI Studios)

This medley of bloopers was recorded at Abbey Road Studios in London during the “Beatles For Sale” sessions between August and October 1964. It contains some unidentified takes of “Mr Moonlight”, “No Reply”, “What You’re Doing” and “Leave My Kitten Alone”.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

- 14 August 1964 [7:00 pm - 9:00 pm] – Mr. Moonlight (Takes 1, 2 & 4) [00:00] – 14 August 1964 [10:00 pm - 11:35 pm] – Leave My Kitten Alone (Takes 4 & 5) [02:50] – 30 September 1964 [6:30 pm - 10:30 pm] – What You’re Doing (Take 11) [05:42] – No Reply (Take 1 & 2) [07:41] – 6 October 1964 [7:00 pm - 10:00 pm] – Eight Days A Week (Takes 2, 4 & 5) [10:49] © 1964-2011 EMI Music srl
Video Rating: 5 / 5

39 Responses to “The Beatles – “Beatles For Sale” Bloopers Medley (EMI Studios)”

  1. Briannalovesmusic1 says:

    0:33 “in for a shit i see megan?” haha?

  2. Mozart1220 says:

    Yeah, I bought the “Anthology” Cd’s too.

  3. counciousstream says:

    These aren’t bloopers, they are out takes. It isn’t at all often that a band records in one take.

  4. rubialorenahmr says:

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  5. dedballoonz says:

    HAHAHA dont slow down for christs sake, or I’m giving you no more drugs xD

  6. ugroseno says:

    even the greatest band made mistakes…

  7. maby52love says:

    thank you for writing the words, he is talking too fast for a nonnative speaker.

  8. winters0924 says:


  9. WARRIORJERICHO251 says:

    0:31 i ain’t given you no more drugs.

  10. consul1957 says:

    @voxhammer Nice reply to ‘brainpigs’…gave me good laugh!

  11. guitarslim56 says:

    @thfree20 This is real.

  12. LedZepMan97 says:

    McCartney at 1:18 is funny as shit

  13. TheAmericanOriginal says:

    @whoarethebrainpigs What Goes On was not bad at all

  14. EdouardPicard0224 says:

    lol the infinite shit taste

  15. zeromant80 says:

    Where can i find more of this?

  16. Carmendale123 says:

    1:15 and 1:30 :) I love paul

  17. theJaydog says:

    @IGVtv1 You wish

  18. IGVtv1 says:

    @theJaydog fuck you

  19. MollySpiegelman says:

    I SAW THE LIGHTTaaaaAaAaAAGHHHrrghhh!! xD

  20. theJaydog says:

    .25 Lennon was the shit

  21. whoarethebrainpigs says:

    @LBrilliante just to lob a grenade in here ,,i reckon “what gos on” from rubber soul was their worst (official) original song ..its a shocker and features Ringo in one of his worst vocal efforts ,,considering the brilliant songs they’d written to that date,,.it really sucks.

  22. scizotts says:

    @MsRyrybread Genius artists at work.

  23. whoarethebrainpigs says:

    @greenwich1754 well I’ve got 4 copies by way of 2 box sets(89 stereo and the recent mono versions) plus the shitty/cheap (as always.. Australian pressing) and the superior English gatefold version ,,dont get me wrong,, the originals on the album are quite good..but why they chose those crappy out-dated songs to do covers of I dont know, and to think of the great songs they released as singles/E.P’s only at that time that they could’ve included could,ve been a great album,

  24. CorporateUnderground says:

    capitol records, the u.s. extension of emi’s record empire at that time, served their american customers bastardized versions of the beatles’ original u.k. albums in order to maximize sales, allegedly what the famous “butcher cover” photograph alluded to. while here in the states our discovery of the beatles was through these hacked-up capitol albums, listening to a parlophone pressing of “a hard day’s night” is a completely different and far more satisfying experience.

  25. AusBeatle says:

    @myrtlebox SLAMDUNK.Thumbs up to you!!!

  26. fritzquarar says:

    @fritzquarar Couldn’t agree more. There is a nice little falsetto on the “Eight Day’s A Week.”

  27. fritzquarar says:

    Mind Blowing! A total different version of “EIGHT DAYS A WEEK” and I prefer it over the original, though the original is still awesome. WOW.

  28. fritzquarar says:

    Am I wrong or is MR MOONLIGHT not an original but a cover, one of their last.

  29. ItsKerrrry says:

    @MrJsmith49 Same! It’s a great song in my opinion and it’s actually one of my all time favorite Beatle songs.

  30. MrJsmith49 says:

    I never understood why so many people didn’t like “Mr Moonlight” I always thought it was great. Lennon’s intro is “priceless” as they say

  31. carlmoore19 says:

    Some of these photos have them in the same clothes as on the back of the Beatles VI album, right?

  32. hypapavs says:

    AWESOME – Mr. Moonlight what an intro

  33. TheBeatleMirko says:

    @BeatlesFan6270 Thank you to following my videos!!! :D

  34. BeatlesFan6270 says:

    what’s great about this series of videos Mirko, is not only am I hearing some Beatles outtakes I’ve not heard before, but I’m also seeing some studio photos I’ve not seen before!

    Thanks for sharing it all! :)

  35. jesseowens says:

    what you’re doing senza piano è MEGLIO.

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