Techno Kitten Adventure soundtrack-Frisco Sea Of Love

Best game ever!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “Techno Kitten Adventure soundtrack-Frisco Sea Of Love”

  1. gruntman58 says:

    Dafuq is Nova? I came because my friends little brother was playing it and loved the techno music :/

  2. NessTheVermillion says:

    Me and my girlfriend just had sex to this song we both climaxed at the same time. This is our song forever :3 and I bought the game (y)

  3. 123zwitter says:

    Thumbs up for a COOKIE /)^-^/)#

    Here COOKIE :)

  4. MShadowsPwnsall says:

    This makes me wanna slap a cop and get in a bugatti and just haul ass out xDDDDD

  5. MrSquishyBlob says:

    happy hardcore

  6. itzjayjay100 says:

    Same here my friend

  7. kopper49 says:

    nya nya nya…
    wooooo love it

  8. scorpion2942 says:


  9. halo3doomsday says:

    i think it would be techno…cause its in techno kitten adventure =P

  10. MrBeastieBro says:

    I’m not trying to sound like a jerk, but what genre would I look up if I wanted to find more stuff like this? I’m new to this stuff. :(

  11. AaronGaming11 says:

    Came because of Music,
    Stayed because of the Nova.
    I have anal problems, forgive me :3

  12. PumaTheEvil says:

    I play the actual game just to listen to the music……

  13. wowsparklepony says:

    Best song ever.

  14. FusRoSkater says:

    3:11 Super Seizure Mode

  15. MultiSamster says:

    Referance to cats: This song is on the first? Level on the game techo kitten adventures. Its where your a cat and you have to dogde these star things. Obvs its better than i explained and uberhaxornova does brillant play through.
    I think thats right :)

  16. BurnedToast00 says:

    人◕ ‿‿ ◕人
    I am a kitten and i aprove this song

  17. josephddd117 says:

    Well…Its still more manly then country…

  18. BurnedToast00 says:

    is this song my life theme?

  19. badassbear821 says:

    LunarSonic meow too :3

  20. killerboym1234 says:

    Yeah what those this game have to do with kittens

  21. Allwrong66 says:


  22. psycotoastFTW says:

    Just to make it clear, it’s not techno, it’s happy hardcore, there is a big difference.

  23. robnlou100 says:


  24. icodovahkiin says:

    Owwww MY LEG

  25. KzCpMtDmTheGroup says:


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