Talking Kitty Cat – Wake Up Kitty 17

(Dog Abuse) – What do you do when your cat renames your dog? In this episode, Sylvester the talking kitty cat is accused of causing Shelby (the Black Lab Dog) mental issues because of his verbal abuse. Flaggle Claggle.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “Talking Kitty Cat – Wake Up Kitty 17”

  1. 1966angeldeluz says:

    sylvester is giving shelby a mental trauma? what about living with an potty mouth evil cat, a pussy cat and an owner who probably is smoking catgrass or sniffing catnip, that will give any dog a mental trauma for life!!!!!!

  2. sarahoutten112094 says:

    “BITCH, OUT.”
    “that’s a good bitch.”

  3. navyblue8881 says:

    go get the ball bitch. oh damm it.

  4. frizzyfrizz76 says:

    shelby technically is a bitch. a bitch is a female dog.

  5. DonRJave says:

    That damn kitty.. u gotta name him pussy

  6. Tike Conille says:

    bad ass kitty dame that cat that dog is so cute

  7. bcgrote says:

    OMG, after all this time, I realized - Sylvester is a REPUBLICAN!!!

  8. elijah3904 says:

    0:04 kitty starts calling dog bitch and saying thats a good bitch lol

  9. MatasDam says:

    Gibson’s bath:
    Steve: Gibson! Kitty kitty kitty, hey are you ready for your bath?
    Gibson: NAO!

  10. rptalbert says:

    “bitch” lol…duhhhhhh its a girl dog

  11. fredfan2256 says:

    lol get pravo 1:14

  12. fredfan2256 says:

    lol hes a good bitch

  13. OFFTHECHAIN307 says:

    Great! Can anyone tell what the name of the background piano music is called?

  14. GreenDay4395 says:

    poor shelby

  15. Justi Turner says:

    Bitch Out!!!! love this kitty !!!! just love it this is my new favorite kittty!!! if you like this then you will like the video call “Why you asking all them questions” just roll over the facial expressions of the passenger in then car then the homeboy pops up in the back seat!!!

  16. plasticwinter says:

    “you’re still in trouble” “daaamn” lol

  17. didponibilidad12 says:

    Lol and DC!!!!!!

  18. animefoxfan101 says:

    haha,go get the ball,bitch!,god damnit

  19. MTmusicluvaMT says:

    I renamed my dog bitch/shelby.
    LOL! He comes over so happily like shelby! ;) <3 xD

  20. TheNoiseySpectator says:

    Weird? No. That is very common in most cats. In fact, it’s kind of strange that you don’t see more it in Sylvester’s breed.

  21. TheNoiseySpectator says:

    I agree : 0 & D :

    This one Was funny and a good video, I like it and all, but…

    “Get Parvo!” ? ! what a Horrible thing to even Say!

    Quite a few of the later videos are worse, with just Sylvester and Steve fighting!
    But, Steve knew what he was doing with the series as a whole, and the last two are among the best ones of all.


  22. TheNoiseySpectator says:

    Well, that is what happens when you curse and swear as much as … Well, its’ more like When you use all the OTHER words in the dictionary AS LITTLE as Steve did at the time he made the Taling kitty series!

  23. martha kakekagumick says:

    are you still looking for todd?

  24. DaDaDaDallasLStyle says:

    “That’s a good bitch” xD

  25. xxxsofroniaxxx says:

    go get the bAll bitch!!

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