Tag! This or That, ft Smudge the Kitten! :)

OKAY SO I’M AN ABSOLUTE IDIOT AND TOTALLY DIDN’T ANSWER THE MAKEUP AND NAILS QUESTIONS SO I ANSWERED THEM BELOW! Questions! MAKEUP: blush or bronzer – bronzer lip gloss or lipstick – Gloss eye liner or mascara – Mascara foundation or concealer – concealer neutral or color eye…
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Without further ado, please welcome the May 2011 Cactus Kid of the Month!! Throughout the month of May, this selected performer will be featured on the LilCutieBittys channel with several full versions of their exclusive performances. Also, they will get either a digital scrapbook or a “real” scrapbook with words of encouragement from fans. If this isn’t enough, an exclusive interview with this performer will just be the icing on the cake! Feel free to voice your comments below about the choice of this performer and don’t forget to vote for who you want to be the June 2011 Cactus Kid of the Month! Questions? Comments? Concerns? Ideas? Contact Me! Facebook: CactusTheater Kids E-mail: cutiefanpage11@gmail.com YouTube: LilCutieBittys (Personal Messages Only) Thanks Everyone! The May 2011 Cactus Kid of the Month is Alex Kitten! Why Alex? You may ask this. Well, she is the middle child of the Kitten Sisters Trio “Loved”. Usually in the group people look to Andi, because well, she is the oldest, most mature voice, amazing, and the most famous for being a former Cactus Cutie. They then look to little Winnie, for being so adorable, funny, cute, and a great voice wise beyond her years. Well, what about Alex? What does she do? Watch the video and find out more about Alex Kitten’s amazing talent!! And next time you watch a performance by Loved, Lil Sis, or the Cactus Kids…don’t forget about amazing spunky Alex!!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 Responses to “Tag! This or That, ft Smudge the Kitten! :)”

  1. rockchicn says:

    AWWWW so cuteee!

  2. PaulaaM789 says:

    who has the other friendship necklace ? :P

  3. laurenzbeauty11 says:

    smudge is sooo cute and yes i would buy ur songs they’re amazing!!!!

  4. AriannaaJohnson says:

    Smudge is soooo cute! :D x

  5. famousgirll77 says:

    i would so be interested in buying your songs!!! :D

  6. famousgirll77 says:

    that was a great video, very awesome tag. Your cat of course is so so amazing i love her. :) <3

  7. ChelsieHx says:

    yeah, i’d buy it, but i’ve never been on itunes, so i don’t really know what it is hahah!

  8. therahlfsjrs says:

    i have the same bracelet on right now (LOL)

  9. imaniundifined says:

    my clock is gigantic …(sorry for my bad englisch) …and i hate the noise …tic tac

  10. lexxxxxiable says:

    bitch shuutup , she dnt ppl like you to talk for her , take 5 & go in timeout. k thx bye.

  11. annajingwang says:

    no one cares. she doesn’t need people like you to subscribe to her.

  12. annajingwang says:

    no one cares.

  13. Missfarah97 says:

    I would deffo buy it!

  14. mybeautifulrescue21 says:

    i would totally buy your EP if the clips sounded good, just being honest. but i am subbed to your singing channel and i think you’re amazing so yeah :D

  15. RainyorSunnyEnding says:

    If you released an EP to HMV then yes, but I don’t have an iTunes account :(

    btw, I love Smudge!

  16. WestEnd675 says:

    Check out Arabella’sBeauty channel
    She is really good and super nice(:

  17. jjjuuummmaaannnjjjii says:

    yessss!!!! i would sooo buy it on itunes!!!! i love ur voice soo much!!

  18. missKirstenxox says:

    Like if you would buy her music (:

  19. peppermintwiz says:

    I would buy the EP if you released it on iTunes US
    Cute kitty :)

  20. PheeMusic says:

    omg! your cat is ADORABLY!<3

  21. thejmm6 says:

    I love your voice and your videos! I want to start doing videos, any advice? <3.

  22. GeorginaLovesGlee says:

    I have no idea why People are hating on you. Like that one person unsubcribed. People are calling you unessary names aswell. I love your videos’, I also have done. Im hoping to make a beauty sort of videos like you, but I think im too shy and stuff incase people from my school see. Any advice? And I would love to be friends. <3

  23. yiningchen16 says:

    i’d buy the ep! i love your voice :’)

  24. SavannahBeth25 says:

    I love your videos :) and I’d buy the EP :D

  25. Lookastar13 says:

    what’s the reason?

  26. CMAHACLJBBAM12 says:

    Don’t worry, I didn’t forget to do my “monthly comment at the end of the month!” May honestly did FLY BY and I loved watching some of the “exclusive videos” that we got to see of Alex. Every month I usually have a clue on who the next month CK is, but not for June! I have absolutely NO IDEA!! Anywho, I hope to see more from Alex in the future and to me, Alex definitely is PERFECT!!

  27. californialinchen says:

    I love all the KITTENS :) )

  28. cocosfreaqz says:

    i like the performance at 2:00 =) that was pretty good can you put that vid up?

  29. demich0007 says:

    I love the picture of Alex and Andi at 9:10. They look like two beautiful little angels, which they are.

  30. gpront says:

    SOOO much talent in that wonderful family!!!

  31. gurugirl101 says:

    Just realised that I havent commented on this. Well congratulations Alex!! You deserve this so much! You are fantastic :)

  32. LilCutieBittys says:

    hehehe I didn’t think anyone would notice that!;) Yeah I don’t put it up at first because I don’t want to ruin the surprise for some people!

  33. CMAHACLJBBAM12 says:

    I love how when you first put the video up in the title it doesn’t say the persons name. Then, later on it does. I just always thought it was so amusing to see it change haha! =)

  34. jdg48439 says:

    Alex is cool, the epitome of the middle child. Just thought that Mary Fletcher fit the idea of Cactus Kid of the Month better…. mho

  35. jdg48439 says:

    Alex is cool, the epitomy of the middle child. Just thought that Mary Fletcher fit the idea of Cactus Kid of the Month better…. mho

  36. ashleync29 says:

    EXCELLENT CHOICE and you make a very good point when you say that people usually think of Alex last when they look at the Kitten Sisters. This video certainly shows what she can do!!!

  37. kendallmarieSC says:

    I love your Cactus Kid of the Month videos. It was a great idea. Please keep it up!
    Congrats Alex!

  38. LilCutieBittys says:

    Okay haha, I thought this question would come up. Alex wore the same dress two years in a row. She wore that greyish/blueish dress in “Oh Beautiful Star of Bethlehem” at the 2010 CK Christmas show, and she also wore it at the 2009 Cactus Kids Christmas Show singing “A Christmastime” with Lil Sis, back when they were a group. Also, she wore the same dress in her solos of “Jingle Bells” (Rockin Version” in 2009 and “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” in 2010.

  39. emeohppp says:

    the performance at 3:43, was that at the 2010 Christmas show? I see Alex wearing the same dress as the Beautiful Star of Bethlehem song, but she is singing with Brooklyn, when Lil Sis was not a group?

  40. MeandTobin says:

    I love her smile, also :) Such a cutie

  41. MeandTobin says:

    I love Alex, she so deserves is! Andi better not look back, Alex is gaining on her!

  42. cst270 says:

    Great job on this Haley! Congratulations to Alex Kitten. She is awesome. I thought her Glee performance was really GREAT! Love her doing that song! Those Kitten sisters are all amazing girls and amazing talents! Way to go Alex and to the Kitten sisters!

  43. questions117 says:

    Go Alex!!! :D  I am a huge fan of all 3 Kitten sisters!

  44. gemmagemmz says:

    WOO Excellent choice!! I didn’t realise how big her voice was till I heard this video :-D

  45. demich0007 says:

    Congratulations Alex!! You REALLY deserve this. Now the secret is out. Everyone will see how incredibly talented you are. And you are just so adorable. God bless you. And as always, great job on the video Haley.

  46. DFriday33 says:

    Great choice. Alex’s voice gets better and better. She’s come a long way as a singer and performer. The new single from “Loved” really highlights her voice. She will go a long way. Thanks for the great montage.

  47. ssnarashi says:

    Finally Alex gets the spotlight she deserves.

  48. lilsiany15 says:

    GREAT job Haley! I would LOVE to see the whole performance of ‘What did you say’ from the Glee show! I can’t believe how old Alex looks now, I almost mistook her for Andi !

  49. CMAHACLJBBAM12 says:

    You’re totally right, Alex gets no credit. Loved (or Lil Sis) would NOT be the same without her. Congrats Alex you 100% deserve this!! <33

  50. cimorelligleefan7890 says:

    OMG taking chances was amazing!!!! Everything from the glee show was amazing!!! If you have any other videos of anyone from the glee show that you can put up I would be sooooo happpyyy!!! I’m a HUGE fan of everyone at the cactus theatre!!! Love you all!!

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