Sunchips P1 HD

Sunchips: The Movie! Part 1 A short film made for the Miller comprehensive high school Halloween pep rally. What happens when your town gets invaded by zombies? … Someone gets a stupid idea. Directed by Matt Reed Editted by Tyler Pastuch (Awesome.) Starring Deacon Yathon, Aimee Garchinski, Paul Vogelsang, and Morgan Mueller Special thanks to everyone who helped (lights and sounds, make up, extras, and zombies!) We do not own any of the music. This is for you copyright people.

Move over Chuck Norris, Watch out Bruce Lee, even Rambo does’t stand a chance against LOLA the Call of Duty Kitty Nazi Apocalypse? Check! Nuclear War? Check! Zombie Invasion? Got ya covered! There is no problem she can’t handle! Dropping bombs in litter boxes world wide from since January 2012!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

9 Responses to “Sunchips P1 HD”

  1. sonicX147 says:

    what the f***

  2. hugo40598 says:

    hahahaha xD

  3. tigress488 says:

    bahaha…just made my day!

  4. ryanmichaelfrench says:

    what kind of a person do you have to be to dislike this video..?

  5. WalksWagsAndWhiskers says:

    I made my own YouTube Channel just so I could comment! SO FUNNY! We love LOLA!

  6. ryanmichaelfrench says:

    hahaha… luke this is sweet

  7. heno76310 says:

    that is so cute =D

  8. SwordPointProduction says:

    Thanks! More coming :) We’ve been bored! And Lola’s too awesome!

  9. bowdenstc says:


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