Star Wars Bounty Hunter Chapter 4 [Part 20] – Sobolto’s Compound [1/3] – Zam the Weasel

NOTE: I am sorry that I did not upload San Andreas. I discovered that there were still some fixing ups that the parts needed before they can be rendered, so here is a part of Bounty Hunter to keep you at bay. Also, I would like to thank those people who are watching this. If there are any people watching this. This let’s play has feelings too, and it feels your love. Because of that, you deserve a free kitten. Thanks for watching! In this part of Star Wars Bounty Hunter, we go fight our way through Sobolto’s compound in order to get to Sobolto with our new transvestite companion, Zam the Weasel.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

in a galaxy far far away…the evil kitten Scout attacks Noggle, the force of good..who will win???
Video Rating: 4 / 5

6 Responses to “Star Wars Bounty Hunter Chapter 4 [Part 20] – Sobolto’s Compound [1/3] – Zam the Weasel”

  1. Maklarr2000 says:

    The LP nobody watches… looks like my afternoon is booked. Well played Mr. Fraser!

  2. 17fused says:

    great video !!!

  3. crissoly says:

    Nice video




  4. henrike22 says:

    in 0:33….nice spear  lol

  5. mothwitchery says:

    it’s the name some little water fairy… and I thought it would make an awesome name.. We lost Noggle to Cancer a few months back….it’s nice to watch her in better days

  6. asungailaite says:

    wow, they’re really at it!

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