Sphynx kittens – two males for sale!

Here are the sphynx kittens at four weeks old! The two males – the blue and white, and a lavendar and white are for sale!
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7 Responses to “Sphynx kittens – two males for sale!”

  1. uddinfamily2 says:

    how cute;;;;

  2. BCT911 says:

    omg >>>>>ugly

  3. mikey2910 says:

    do you have any more kittens for sale?
    please let me know, im very interested in buying one. thanks :]

  4. emspixie says:

    What Beautiful babyies!

  5. DAWGLUNA says:

    Where is you location? Do you still have some available? How much?

  6. GameKeaton56Kittens says:

    The great news, you will not getaway around your current cat at night

  7. CatsFarer says:

    My spouse and i grew up with felines, yet developed a hypersensitivity to brand-new pet cats

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