Sideways Attacking Kitty

New kitten tries to be tough.

FIRE POWERS ACTIVATE … YAY I finally did some more Warriors stuff XD Still workin’ on that AMV ;) Re-draw of and :) I know this is just like, the coloring and shading… But yeah. Lol. It was just lagging too much while I was doing anything else… I quite rather like this newest one :D Still tryin’ to do fire. This is decent enough :P For the other ones, I just kinda made a tree with bright orange in front of it. But for this one, I actually made the tree kinda burned… hehe :3 I think I could have fixed up the smoke and stuff in the bg a little more, but it’s getting late. :\ dA: Song: Hurricane – 30 Seconds to Mars Art(c)Dlarge9 Warriors(c)Erin Hunter Drawn in Photoshop Elements 6.0 Drawn with Wacom Bamboo Fun pen tablet
Video Rating: 5 / 5

49 Responses to “Sideways Attacking Kitty”

  1. CindyLouWho51410 says:

    What? Kittens love it when you bat back at them and knock ‘em over. This person didn’t throw him, she just picked him up and set him down. It looked a little harsh but trust me he’s fine haha.

  2. Melbeatle says:

    For me cat’s are more important than little “human beings”. They can have fun, but i don’t care, they’re really tiny to get thrown like that, you could hurt them, i understand you can play with them but i think this person is throwing them too strongly…My cats don’t like that, they’re older but sometimes you throw them by mistake and they look at me like WTF!?… So that’s why i’m saying this. Looks too strong….

  3. owlthropology says:

    And I have 6 cats. Just because you didn’t play with them in a way that engaged their NATURAL wild side doesn’t mean that those of us who did are abusive. You’re entitled to raise your cats as you see fit, but I would think someone with 4 cats would at least understand feline behavior. They’re not little human beings.

  4. owlthropology says:

    You’re acting as though the girl picked the kitten up by the tail and threw it against the wall. Go find something VALID to bitch about.

  5. MegaKittyworld says:


  6. rachielle3 says:

    hahaha cute little kitty! when my cat tries to side-step like yours he just falls over

  7. nonconformist20 says:

    So many trolls haunting this vid. Must be jealous they don’t have a cute kitty :D Also in reference to one of the aforementioned troll’s comment. Kittens are supposed to play like that but it doesn’t mean they will become an aggressive cat. Please don’t get a cat any of you trolls because you are too asinine and immature to be in charge of another creature’s well being.

  8. CocoumKelsPerson says:

    Yeah, that’s true :3

  9. Exunary says:

    Yes some is very immature, but it’s easy to ignore them, C:

  10. CocoumKelsPerson says:

    Yeah, you’re right. I just meant to point out their immaturity and huge amount of time on their hands.

  11. Exunary says:

    I highly doubt its just twelve year olds.
    Why does people assume its always kids? The most sick and dumb people are adults or teenagers. Altough Im not 12, but I find some kids annoying aswell,

  12. Doober717 says:

    you’re a fucking retard, get back in the kitchen and stay off the fucking computer.

  13. ilovepokemonize1 says:

    yea i know it wasnt really a good come back… i think that would offend someone in maybe…. 1956?

  14. gokaciego says:

    She called you a knob-face. I wouldn’t be too offended, it wasn’t even a good comeback! Lol.

  15. KH2fan26 says:

    my cat randomly did this to me once, I didn’t even provoke him, I was on the ground laughing

  16. BKgaard says:

    Love how you just throw that hairball around ^-^

  17. CharReBelle says:

    soooooooooooooooo cute!

  18. MrSammy2518 says:

    my cat dues that too she’s like a monkey!

  19. Atlazuko says:

    Always with the people bitching and moaning about how “cruel” she’s being to the cat. she’s playing with it people! you could tell if she was hurting it but she’s play fighting with it you should see cats play fighting with eachother it looks rougher than it is.

  20. GUTubeWatch says:


  21. ppgdXD says:

    if its so funny why do you think its funny?

  22. ilovepokemonize1 says:

    sheesh….. no need to talk that way

  23. LisaLouise1 says:

    Did I say that, Knob face? No, go poke your nose into something else. twat

  24. loradawnrichmond says:


  25. rainbow700704 says:

    I was only informing you. I apologize if I seemed mean.

  26. mackenzie nicholson says:

    no one dislikez ur video just noticed that ._.

  27. mackenzie nicholson says:

    i sckeched this same thing but they lok so diffrent hate to say this but…i think miinez iz good and urz to…..i bragged :| not so common for meh…

  28. HyrulenRuler says:

    Geeze, I was only asking, don’t be so harsh.You could have said a simple “no”.

  29. rainbow700704 says:

    No, they don’t. People who have good art do not take requests. Haven’t you noticed? Working your ass off for hours and for someone you don’t know. No body would do that.Except for minority of artists.

  30. HyrulenRuler says:

    Do you take requests? :P

  31. deenabeens says:

    o people- oh wait…

  32. ChoclatePm says:

    4:29 what tool did you use to distort the red?

  33. sara eiseman says:

    no he is not that kit is brambleclaw back hen bramblekit

  34. Koyukisnow098 says:

    You just earned a subscriber!

  35. SolsticeTheEspeon says:

    Simply amazing 0 ^ 0

  36. Wolfcreeper1 says:

    plz lug my talking toms fire bird

  37. moviemake2000 says:

    how did bramblekit there?

  38. BladedNeon says:


  39. Wolfcreeper1 says:

    fireheart is saving a kittypet

  40. Wolfcreeper1 says:


  41. SkyfurDaCat89 says:

    Wow! You’ve improved a lot!!! Keep up you’re awesome drawing skillz!!

  42. SkyfurDaCat89 says:

    Yes but at the time, Fireheart.

  43. SkyfurDaCat89 says:

    Yes but at the time, Fireheart.

  44. Wolfcreeper1 says:

    is that firestar

  45. taylorkitty348 says:

    love it! wish i was as good as you…

  46. patchfire889 says:

    U really improved!! Great job! U do better fire than me… But I’ll improve as well.

  47. pignpik says:

    OMG! this… this…. is… :D :D ! you have improved so much! I use paintbrush to draw…. 0_o

  48. ErasersRoq says:

    cats dont have teeth like that,but thats okay i kind of like it

  49. warriorcatsrule22 says:

    lol just for the fun of it… :D

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